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Which isn't the iPhone 5.
A great quarter, but the "analysts" were expecting revenues of $37B.  Shares are down 6% in aftermarket trading...
Nice!  That'll be a handy feature.  I wonder why AirPlay doesn't support 5.1?  Is it a technical limitation?  Hopefully they'll be able to add that in the future.  Really hoping the AppleTV App store comes to fruition too.  That would rock.
Oh I totally agree.  I meant that tongue-in-cheek.  :)   I just find it amusing that some people who buy the most expensive phone/tablet/notebook out there turn around and complain about other companies making money as well.
  A cellphone also shouldn't cost $600 or more...
In other news, Apple also filed a patent for the color black.
Are you posting from an ATM?
I can understand withdrawing future models from EPEAT certification, but why would Apple withdraw all of the computers that had already passed?  It seems like they're just shooting themselves in the foot for no real reason.  While they wouldn't be able to sell future models of their PC products, they could still make some money on what was already certified.
Oh boy.
This should be a fun thread.
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