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    Correct.  This is what Google does, and one of the reasons their ad business does so well.
$3500 at the Gym...wow.
    Agreed.  If you have an iPhone, why would you need an iPod?  Would be redundant imo.
Wow...awesome results.  Bravo Apple, bravo.
Kinda surprised that Dell ranked so high TBH.
Not really sure why FB would make this move as I don't know how they're going to generate revenue through it, but I like FB and Instagram so hopefully it's a good marriage.
While technically true, it is not as fast as LTE. So, now they get to confuse their customers with two "4G" networks.
Yep. /popcorn
Good to see some progress being made here. Hopefully they can end this nonsense. Time to let icons be bygones.
Eh...have you? The whole point of Airplane mode is to turn off all the radios. I guess you can just renable the Wifi by itself.
New Posts  All Forums: