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Not really sure why FB would make this move as I don't know how they're going to generate revenue through it, but I like FB and Instagram so hopefully it's a good marriage.
While technically true, it is not as fast as LTE. So, now they get to confuse their customers with two "4G" networks.
Yep. /popcorn
Good to see some progress being made here. Hopefully they can end this nonsense. Time to let icons be bygones.
Eh...have you? The whole point of Airplane mode is to turn off all the radios. I guess you can just renable the Wifi by itself.
Agreed. A slight pullback would be expected with some folks taking profits. It'll continue ever upward, but will have a few dips along the way.
Maybe, but I doubt that Apple would want their employees using MS products when they have their own in-house software available (Pages, Numbers, etc.). I know you can save files as a Word doc in Pages, though I'm not sure if it can specifically do .docx though.
"Warning, your iPhone may explode while charging. Please charge responsibly and unplug it when it's done."
I swear some of you guys crack me up. The reason MS is doing this is because they'll be coming out with Win8 tablets and they don't want employees supporting the competition. Do you honestly thing there are folks using Office in Cupertino? I'll give ya a hint. There aren't.
I keep thinking it's a good time to sell mine, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I mean, there's gotta be a correction at some point, right? Right? It's been on an incredible run this year.
New Posts  All Forums: