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Excellent job by Nike to limit their customer base arbitrarily, it seems.  I'm sure their investors love that.   That said, while I love Nike+, and have an iPhone 5, I don't have any interest in buying a Fuelband anyway.
How is that even remotely relevant?  Apple is trying to compete with the mapping services that are currently out there, not ones that existed in 2007.  
Yep, same here.  It's weird.  I can watch shows on the HBO website on my Macbook and then Airplay THAT onto my ATV, but that's just a pain.  Can't wait 'til they release an app.  I have HBO (obviously), but if I could purchase a streaming option separately through Apple I would much rather do that.
I agree.  I love Office, personally.  I got Office for OSX for free through my university, and it works great.  It's not really a bad price when you consider that you're getting 7 programs.  Actually cheaper than the Apple equivalents (~$14 per program vs ~$19 per for Apple). 
It depends - it will be an all or nothing thing.  They are going to see how subsidy-free phones sell on T-Mobile.  I wouldn't bet on it happening either, at least until each of the carriers has higher smartphone penetration.  I could see them cutting subsidies and then lowering the monthly bills somewhat.  If one does it, they'll get hammered.  If they all do it, then Apple's the one that's screwed.
Won't lose that much, but Mac sales down 20% and margins down to 38% from 44%.  Their revenue went up a ton, but they only had as much in profit as Q4 last year.  A great quarter to be sure, but Street is so used to Apple beating estimates that it really hurts them when they don't now.
Yep...def thought they'd do more than 50M iPhones...wow.
Great news!  Glad they got it out.  Played around with it this morning and it looks really nice!  I can finally upgrade to iOS 6 now.  Hallelujah. 
While I'm not a fan of Samsung's products(with the exception of their TVs), their ads are pretty amusing.
New Posts  All Forums: