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That's a good point!  And really, what else do you use them for?  Everything is backed up to iCloud now(which I love), so you really only need to transfer data through the cable the first time you setup the phone, right?  Use the one that came with the phone and get a cheapy for charging it up at the office or whatever.
You're thinking of the sodas.  The fries cost more than that.  The do make a killing on the drinks tho, you're right about that.  I know the cables cost more than $3.50 - they're probably twice that after all's said and done.  Still, a $29 selling price is extortion.  Give me the crappy knockoffs all day long.  I could care less how aesthetically pleasing the cable is.
Ouch.  Glad I decided to hold off on upgrading.  Hopefully they can get it up to snuff soon!  Was looking forward to the built-in navigation...
YAY Facebook!  Really looking forward to that.
By and large I've been really pleased with it.  It had been pretty good until I started noticing issues with delivery last week.  A few times I'd be exchanging messages with someone, and then I wouldn't hear from them for 15, 20 minutes.  Then all of a sudden I'd get 5 or 6 messages at the same time.  Turned it off until they fix it, which will hopefully be soon.
WOW!  Go Apple go!  Great news.
No, he's not getting it because the screen is too large for him. 
Maybe not now, but it could be in the near future as Macbooks and iMacs continue to grow in popularity.  By looking at this chart, it makes much more sense to hack the OSes that more people are using, and OSX is a very small percentage of that.  With Apple's increasing popularity they will get more attention from the hacker community as well.  
Hmm...debating giving the EarPods a try.  Wonder how long until some reviews are out about them...
Hoping this isn't true - $20 for a cable is highway robbery as it is.  If the article is accurate I'll either wait for the 3rd party manufacturers or just not buy a backup cable.  Ugh.
New Posts  All Forums: