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In most cases I would agree with you, but...it's a cable.  I'm not paying Apple $19 for a 3ft or 6ft cable or whatever it is.  Give me a cheapy one for $5 all day long.
When I first read the headline I thought it meant he gave it to a Samsung engineer
HAH!  Good catch - thanks.
No big surprise here.  Since Apple got the iPad right on the first try and has such an awesome ecosystem for it, it was always going to dominate.  It's nice to have options, but they've got such a lead that they're never going to lose it (a la MS with OSes).  Frankly not entirely sure why Samsung is even bothering to make a tablet at all at this point - they're not going to make any inroads imo.  Just cut your losses and focus on smartphones, where you're actually doing...
I haven't had any issues on my '11 MBP either.  Battery life actually seems to be improved for me slightly.  Nevertheless, I'm sure Apple will have an update soon.
What do you have against Korean women?
Same here.  Definitely an upgrade over 10.7.  Seems to be a lot faster.
Good job Apple!  Hope that LG and Sharp are able to keep up with the production demands and maintain quality.  If they are, this would be a big hit to Samsung.  :)
Agreed, although I don't see them having traffic camera or speed limit info.  That might be a bit much to ask.  Looks like I just might be staying on iOS 5.  Apple makes wonderful operating systems, but a lot of their apps are subpar (Mail, Siri).  Keeping my expectations pretty low for this.
Huh...they need to update that list.  There's been a Microsoft store open at Lenox Mall in Atlanta for some time now.  Gets pretty decent traffic too - although about 1/2 or 1/3 of the Apple store there.
New Posts  All Forums: