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I'll all for it except for the Facebook and Twitter part. Though it would be fun to get to a table and see if the previous guest left themselves logged in to either of those. The fun you could have.
Exactly! If you could pick your channels a la carte that would be awesome.
If you thought your cable bill was expensive before...
Excellent deal for Apple employees, and they certainly deserve it. Funny thing is that Apple will still likely turn a profit on those sales, albeit much smaller obviously.
Hello! Japan attacked us first! And on top of that, they were refusing to surrender near the end when they'd clearly lost. The simple fact is that we'd have killed a lot more Japanese citizens if we'd invaded. Goodness gracious you are dumb.
Force everyone to pay for their phones at an unsubsidized price. One of the reasons the data plans are so much is to help cover the massive subsidy of the phones. You pay AT&T $200 for a contract phone, and they still pay Apple $600 or thereabouts. It takes about 10 - 12 months to make that money back, then the rest of your contract is a lot of profit. I wish there was a way to get a cheaper contract if you did pay the full retail price of the phone. You could, of...
Well, you obviously shouldn't. The investors who own Apple stock care a great deal though, and are going to be pissed that their investment will become worth less that it should be because Apple's doing the right thing and not being purely focused on profit.
Ah! Thank you very much! I will give that a shot once I get home. I tried the smiley-face thing last night and it showed me most/all of my files, but I couldn't see any way to organize them. It was just one ginormous list.
Just bought my first Mac yesterday (a refurb MacBook Pro). So far so good! Love the screen on it. Now if I can just figure out how to find the folder structure. I did the migrate-to-mac thing like it recommended, and I have no idea where it put my stuff.
Gotcha. That's pretty much the level of gaming I'm looking to do. Thanks so much for the reply.
New Posts  All Forums: