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People still use AIM? GoogleTalk all the way.
Thank goodness. Now I can actually use PhotoStream.
Yeah the volume today is ridiculous! 8M shares moved already. Volatile as heck lol.
Yeah, hopefully so. Seems like they have a pretty good product on their hands if they can just find some good uses for it and market it successfully. Apple getting in early is obviously a very good sign.
Bought some at .20 - already at .22!
To buy LQMT stock or not...hmm. Already up 20% today.
Bonus points for you for an awesome screen name. <3 that book.
If you don't use the amount of storage provided on the low-end model that's certainly fine, but why would you get mad at him for wanting more storage for the same price? That's a win for the consumer any way you slice it. And, to a degree, he's probably right that more storage will be needed because the apps will likely be larger.
Yep yep. Apple is going to intentionally going to keep the storage low in order to get people to sign up for iCloud.
eBay, maybe.
New Posts  All Forums: