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Maybe AppleCare will still cover it.  ;)
Great move by Apple IMO - I'm excited about it.  It'll be really nice to be able to upload photos to FB w/out having to go through the app.
Well, closer to 2 grand, but I agree with your point.  I'm sure Dell, et all are quite happy with this actually.  It's a gorgeous machine, but I think Apple might be pushing their limits on what folks might pay for their hardware.  I'll be very interested to see the sales figures for the first quarter they're available.  Was hoping they'd keep the ODD as I use mine a ton.  Oh well, I'm still quite happy with my early '11 MBP so I wasn't going to upgrade either way.  Good...
Really hope that this is true.  Would love to get Outlook, Word and Excel.  Not a big fan of the standard Mail app, so even if I could just buy Outlook I'd be thrilled.  We'll see if MS comes through though. I don't have terribly high hopes.
Data plans are, what, $30 a month on average?  That's $720 over 24 months...
I don't know about "better," but I have the Filtrete Wifi thermostat.  It's pretty slick, and does a great job imo.  They've improved the iPhone app a lot in the last couple of months, and it works a lot better now.  It was like $100 at Home Depot last fall.  That said, the Nest does look pretty awesome.
For $1299 it better make me coffee too .  I paid that for a 42" back in 2007.  It still works well, but I'd like to upgrade.  Hopefully whatever they make isn't much of a premium over where the market's currently at.
    Correct.  This is what Google does, and one of the reasons their ad business does so well.
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