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The only country with a different carrier/mobile structure than the US that I know about is India. There are no subsidies, and people usually buy unlocked phones not at the carrier%u2019s store, but at special stores that only sell mobiles, often of multiple brands. They also sell SIMs, or you can buy a SIM card at a corner store. This SIM can be refreshed OTA or by going to any general/grocery/specialized store. Some people opt for phones with dual-SIM, so they can have...
@Jack Baker: seems like you subscribe to the 'clash of civilizations' theory. Being from the East, I feel sorry for your worldview. BTW, it's not Google but Motorola (and it has made just one Android product after Google acquisition) that has been lauded. Google not only copied the iOS, changing their 'Blackberry-copy' handset to an 'iPhone-copy' one as soon as the iPhone was introduced. Mr. Schmidt, an American, who sat on Apple's Board before being kicked out, fed the...
Great. A 1" CMOS sensor! F 1.8!! All good in the zoom model, although I wish they would have had a f/2.5, instead of 4.9, at the tele end. Still superb. For $500, you're getting a DSLR, pretty much. Question: Since the connection of the lens to phone is through P2P, does it mean I can be out in the wild taking photographs without any available Wi-Fi?
But Android is so open, customizable. /s
The TSA guys have scanners which check the barcode on the iPhone. I recently used the mobile electronic ticket offered by United.
Going forward, Samsung should paraphrase Lexus' motto and claim it to be its own: "In pursuit of Excellent Copying".
Totally agree. We who read these blogs live in a bubble, and think everyone else finds computing as fluid as us.
That's why it was probably easier for Samsung to copy Apple's designs, firewalls and all.
Despite high revenues, Samsung has only $12 billion in cash at hand. This 1 billion penalty will be over 8% of its cash reserves, and a quarter if tripled by the court. For Apple with 100+ billion under its belt, it would be less than 1% and 3%, respectively.
Hasn't Amazon learnt anything? Why would it hold an event before one of Apple, where a radically new iPhone and iOS is rumored to be announced? The Kindle fever will surely last about a week or so.
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