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Sorry this is a really dumb question I'm sure, but is the trackpad definitely superior to mouse for RSI? I have inflammatory arthritis and currently use the trackpad on my iMac but will hopefully be getting one of the new ones and had planned on getting the mouse, reckoning the 'hold' would be better than the constant finger track/pointing. But I'll stay with a trackpad if that's known to be better.
Sorry I should have said an iPad mini.
I don't need anything that big, the mini is great for me as a small, book size format. I just like the idea of the extra dexterity of the pencil for possibly annotating and working with large numbers of PDFs.
So thanks to a bit of cash and a grant for my doctorate I have some money to spend on finally updating some ageing Apple equipment. First will be my 5yr old iMac which is getting really slow. However, I also have a mini that I have no real need to upgrade but I could do on the Education Store. However, I'd hold off if people think future iPads will all support the pencil, including the mini. Any thoughts on this?
Thanks Marvin, all really helpful and much appreciated. Today I've also been recommending Zotero. I don't know if there's anyway I could find some buying advice/review of these various products?
Still not available here in the UK. I only have it as I'm running 9.1 beta. But agree, having it on the Mac would be perfect for me and some others I'm sure.
Given the migration from iOS of iBooks and Maps, do you think we might see the same with news? I'm loving get tailored news all in one place and without distractions. But when starting the day at my desk I'd far rather read off my laptop then phone. 
Any suggestions? Or should this be in another forum?
I'm about to begin a PhD and want to find a simple, convenient and (preferably) Apple way to sync and keep together all my PDFs and documents, allowing me to annotate and/or highlight them on my iOS devices. A friend has recommended Mendeley and I know I can highlight and annotate in iBooks on the Mac. However, I don't seem to be able to annotate or highlight PDFs, at least, in iBooks in iOS. I understand I might be able to in iTunes U in iOS but for that it would seem I...
Many thanks all for the replies. So I hear that iMac is on the cards but what about Macbook? Will they even get Skylake? I currently have an Air but as I say can claim a new laptop for my PhD and freelance work. I will chiefly be running Word or Pages and presume t'll be fine for that with the benefit of the lighter weight?
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