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I had my old 21.5" iMac for 5 years, the longest serving computer I've ever had. I was disappointed it couldn't run Handoff and over the last year, particularly with El Capitan, I found it increasingly slow. Slow to run programmes, launch them and conduct sometimes even basic tasks. It was long in the tooth.   I was anxious about going for the bigger screen, but I fancied Skylake and once I'd specced a 21.5" 4K with a Fusion drive and more soldered on RAM I was getting...
I want to embed two fonts I use and have installed on my system in Word files so that they appear as I've created them when I send elsewhere. However, while I've found instructions online for how to do this on Windows in Word 2013 I can't find anything for Word 2016 and following a similar route as the Windows variant gets me nowhere. I assume there must be a way to do this. Anyone got any pointers?
Well this is good news because having bought my Apple TV and got it yesterday I'm severely disappointed with what's on offer here in the UK at the moment. Still no catch up AND there are fewer services than on my 2nd gen Apple TV. No YouTube at present nor NOW TV. I was going to pay to watch the Mexican GP. If I want to I'll have to unplug it and use the old one. I'd have thought Apple would have at least got all existing channels on the app store for launch. There's...
Yes I was wondering this. Apple themselves couldn't say when I spoke to them.Never suggested anything about constraints; just, like the original poster, wondered whether I could walk into a shop and get one Monday or if they'd be order only then and in store at a later date. Apple UK couldn't answer that.
Yes I was wondering this. Apple themselves couldn't say when I spoke to them.
So you expect a processor upgrade for the MacBook next month rather than a wait into the New Year?
What are people's best guess for launch date for 2nd generation Macbook? And what changes are you expecting? Can we expect Skylake processors? And if not, what instead?
Yes I suspect it is. As I say, much HBO content here is on Sky Atlantic, which they stream some of through their NOW TV. I guess it partly illustrates the nightmare job Apple has rights wise. But as I said, with UK catch up provision on the new Apple TV I think HBO is the network that would make a big deal here.
If it is in the UK I'd be grateful you showing me how to get it.
Don't know if the last iteration changed it but HBO not available on my Apple TV.
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