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My phone contract is up for renewal now. I can take out a new sim only contract and save myself £7 a month on my current deal. Only thing is, the earliest I can upgrade my handset would be September. I know the last few updates have been September but know there's been some talk of an iPhone release in June or July. What're your thoughts as to whether this is likely or if there's been enough chatter to justify that?
I want to get the 11" for my system on the go - chiefly Word, iTunes, Safari and Mail. Is there any point in me upspeccing it for that? And if so which would see the greater speed increase on those apps-the i7 or the 8gb of ram?
Given the more visual look of iTunes 11 I wonder if anyone has found a work around this problem. I have loads of CDs that I've imported to iTunes years ago for which it can't find the artwork, even when I do 'Get Album Artwork'. I can also see exactly the same albums available on the store, same tracks and everything else, but iTunes refuses to pull the artwork down. I've tried the app that pulls extra art for iTunes but a lot if this is a low quality. Anyone got a...
I want to know how I can sync iCloud calendars with other email products and/or a phone thats not an iPhone. It doesn't seem I can import it into Hotmail/Outlook, neither does Windows Phone Connector sync calendars, only contacts. Any suggestions for the simplest way to get my Apple Calendars to sync over?
Also based in London, also been down since midday and remained down all day.
  I think we're going to have to agree to disagree. AOL is the acronym of America On-line - of course as you know - (in old days when those were two words!), gmail=Google Mail etc. Me doesn't reflect a brand, even in the days of MobileMe the address wasn't @mobileme.com - it bears no relationship to an Apple product, especially now. I just think that's odd. I don't think @aol sounds pathetic now - it might because AOL is not the competitor it once was but it has brand...
Seems the issue today wasn't with email forwarding service at all but iCloud - got a whole bunch of messages through this evening. Wonder if anyone else has had any problems. Nothing in system status.
Well one is a nomenclature for the company with mail on the end, the other is descriptive of fast mail because it's email. Me just sounds narcissistic. It's not only myself who's said this - plenty of reviews at the time and since say it is less pleasing and 'adult' or business-like than .mac and I'd say the same is also true in comparison with iCloud. Now MobileMe has gone there seems little reason to keep it in isolation, at the expense of @mac.com or @icloud.com, both...
  True, but both are more so I'd say than hotmail.com and certainly gmail.com.
Incongruous as a product strand though isn't it? I'm surprised Apple hasn't at least opened up iCloud as well as Me, as they did with .mac and me.com to give customers the choice and also to provide extra recognition for iCloud. After all, lots of people emailing with @icloud.com is a fairly effective unconscious form of advertising.
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