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 The problem with labour was that they increased the countries spending (especially benefits) to an insane degree. With such high spending in place they then reduced tax and other sources of income, making us extremely vulnerable when the recession hit. Yes, no government is perfect, but considering what the Tories have done and are doing; reduced the deficit, pulled us out of recession, fighting for more power in Brussles, the recent laws for savings and pensions etc.,...
To summarise IMO's decision in a nut shell: "Hey! That reason you actually bothered to download us? We're removing it. We're smart people!"
Why would it? From what I gather the price drop on the retina puts it in the same ballpark as the non-retina.If its a DVD drive you're after, just get a cheap Samsung USB one or something for £15 and call it a day.
Hmmm. So the MacBook Pro retina without Tax is USD$1999. Doing a currency conversion then adding 20% VAT you're looking at about GBP£1500, which is the starting price of the normal "fat" MacBook Pro in England. Getting rid of the older generation at last, maybe?   Either way, my MacBook Pro (1st gen thunderbolt) may be getting replaced sometime soon. ;)   Looking at (albeit gaming) benchmarks of the Iris Pro/HD5200 graphics chip on Notebookcheck, it appears to handle...
 Well hoo-f**king-ray for you. Many hobbyists and part-timers use these applications as well, you know. Plus, IT departments HATE this kind of subscription model - upgrading stand-alone software is already a pain in a large IT network and IT always wait for the software to mature before deploying. Having CC throw upgrades every year or so? No. That wont sit well and, judging by this promotion and only something like 1m users its not going very well at all. I believe...
Anyone who wants money. Even just visiting your bank and typing in your account number to log in via the web browser would be stored on the device, either via a cookie or local storage. Even if you tell the browser not to remember that info, they could still sit and wait in the background and wait for you to log in and key log the entire process.   This is, obviously, the worst case scenario.
Every conspiracy nut/open source hippie advocate claims that BECAUSE ANDROID IS OPEN IT IS INVULNERABLE UNLIKE WINDOWS/MAC etc. etc.   Yet here we are with a master backdoor key that has rendered 99% of the user base vulnerable to attack.   Slow, and very sarcastic, clap.  
The machine is a great machine for a specific market segment and is highly expensive.   Just saying...
Maybe it'll be like when you see pictures of cars. The Kia Pro_Cee'd looks cheap and boring in pictures but looks amazing and very upmarket in person. Hopefully the MacPro will be like the Kia; it looks odd in pictures but amazing in person.   On a side note, the graphics of the thing make it look a bit like a retro super computer.
The specs of the machine are brilliant. FirePro graphics card are nothing to sneer at on any level. But that case is definitely something to raise an eyebrow at. How the hell are you supposed to upgrade the graphics cards in future?
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