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How to make an advert 101: Tell us about the product; what is it? How does it make our life more convenient? What are its features and functionality? What is its price point? What are its technical features and specifications? How to not make an advert 101: *points to Microsoft video* NOT. THAT.
No, I got this machine because it has more than one use. Web server with PHP, ASP.NET and SQL Server Express, Media Server for the house, torrent box, development machine, time machine-esc backup system (using rsync), VPN server, file sharing service. The OS only costs £31 and underneath the pretty skin its a full Uni-Processor license of Windows Server 2008 R2.   Lets not forget how expensive services like DropBox are as well. $499 a year for a 500GB drop box (about...
Shame I'm only using about 670mb (and I think thats just my email alone) since they got rid of the ability to upload any file you wanted to iDisk. I really liked that aspect of MobileMe - I abused it for work. Without iDisk I actually went and bought a cheap Core i3 Acer desktop computer and put Windows Home Server 2011 on it. Its now my web server, file server, media streamer, VPN server and network backup drive. Who needs time machine when you have an SMB share and RSync?
It hurt to read as well because of the sheer absurdity of it all.   Another thing to consider; these are expensive electronic luxury products - their actions seem to reflect that they're aiming for a target audience that is the opposite of the actual people that will buy the products. When I see someone with an expensive electrical gadget, its a well groomed fashionable man or woman - not a kid with his pants around his bum.   Though its a shame really. If it was a clean...
"Dedication" is not the world you're looking for. "Knowing your target audience", however, is far more appropriate. You'd be surprised how hilariously simple pop music like that is to make.   To boil it down to its simplest form - sing about the following: Whores; Guns, or; Whores getting shot with guns   Then grab the "RnB" preset from a cheap synthesizer with the kick and snare drum from a Roland TR808. I made a generic backing track in a few hours: loop 8 bars and...
Throughout the entire video I just wanted to slap him across the face, pull up his trousers and sit him down in front of an English teacher like some fussy mother. That aside, anyone else notice everyone was using iPhones?
Because a print button is already such a difficult to understand concept. /s
Yeah - ARM in any Mac computer? No. Arm has only just managed to beat a Single Core Atom - a modified Atom at that to run in a smart phone, no less. To my knowledge they were Single Core Atoms as well - can I see comparisons with the Dual Core Atoms used in net books? ARM as a co-processor, however, I like the idea of that. Use the ARM cores to eliviate stress from the graphics processor or something - or use it to run non demanding background services like managing...
Definitely not Mac OS 6-ish. Thats Windows 3.xx.
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