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I misread - ignore me. :xBut yes, the 7" tablets are catastrophically small in comparison. You're loosing, what, 50% real-estate there?
That is not how these systems work. You goto the checkout at the supermarket and then place your phone or contacts card over the correctly equipped card reader, rather than inserting it (for chip and pin) or swiping it (for mag strip cards). If google do actually use a "scan per barcode" system then... really, sense? where? can I have some sense?
Nothing new. Its been in the UK for a while now. Its called "Contact-less Payment" over here and its only available with cards issued by Barclays. A hand full of handsets on the Orange network support it too but thats about it. So when is America getting Chip and Pin?
I fail to see how they make any real money when I didn't pay anything extra to get the 5000 texts b: The only reason my bill is £30 a month is because of the Internet allowance. 3GB and Tethering. Internet is where they'll be making the money, and iMessage will use, you guessed it, the internet! An SMS is 140 characters long. So thats 140 bytes. If you use the full 140 in every message then all you need is 10 messages and you've hit 1.4KiB - 100 messages and you've went...
Then what would be the point of Windows8 then? I mean really...
I think its more "off the books", as it were. One or two references to it I've read in some past papers at University, caught my old HCI lecturer saying it from time to time and when developing for Adobe AIR you can choose to have a "custom chrome" (create your own window widgets) or use the system chrome (default OS skin).
You don't know about computing if you think "chrome" instantly means Google chrome (unless you are being sarcastic, in which case I have egg on my face) .In computing the "System Chrome" refers to the graphical user interface elements of an operating system or software application. So if I was to alter the system chrome of my application, what I would then effectively be doing is altering or replacing the widget designs.
Providers make money off text messages? Must be an American thing. Text messages are given away with the sunday paper on network providers over here. 5000 ("unlimited") free texts a month included with my dirt cheap £30 a month contract ($47) doesn't strike me as a big money maker.
So if another Android fan comes along and brags about flash, we now have quotes and testimonies from both Microsoft and Apple on how s**t it actually is. Good day to be right. B)
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