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Hello Samsung, your coffin is ready! Please step inside and we will begin hammering in the nails.
I did a quick run through Windows 8 for youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZdBbkiA3Yg I never realised how much I pressed the start button under normal use until I got frustrated with seeing that start screen animation. Its a one trick pony that breaks its leg on the first corner.
Tablet experience? What experience? They have never made a tablet OS. All they have done is stick windows on a touch screen and add a handwriting box. Never in the history of Windows have I seen a version of the OS specifically made for tablets. Windows 8 is the first.
The only way I could see this working is having smaller hardware with the tablet UI only. Then, when you plug it into a monitor, it becomes a desktop computer with the standard windows UI. What I don't get is why the start button is now the "magic tablet UI summoning" button. I want to quickly press the button, click on MS Word and be done with it - clicking the start button then going through that interface with a mouse screams "yup! We have no idea what we are doing -...
I've had a Windows 7 tablet before. DEAR. SWEET. JESUS. Yes you can use Windows apps on a tablet, but you really, really shouldn't. The lack of optimisation is a killer in every regard.
They all use the same hardware (Tegra) and are pretty much the Windows Commodity laptop equivalent of the tablet world. Plus they are buggy out the arse. Not just the tablets. Boss at work got an Asus Transformer. It does everything from turning itself on (when its been powered off as well) to crashing, freezing and just generally being a nuisance. Brother loves his android tab, real die hard fan. His tablet crashes, freezes, is buggy and so forth - and he's very bad at...
I'll do it for you:
I'm not a registered dev and i'm downloading it right now. No log in, no forms to fill out, just a download button and you're ready to go.http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516
Oh I didn't know it was free to everyone. I'll have to give it a go tonight.
I love the Metro UI scheme, I think that its a stroke of genius. My personal opinion, of course. But Windows 8 is a very poor application of such a nice interface. Nothing about W8 or the test hardware makes any sense to me. Just watched the video with the sound muted (in the office) and I can spot issues a mile away. MS wont change the UI as well, we all know they wont. -Start Button is now the trigger for the tablet Interface, why? -Start Screen is not mouse friendly...
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