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As well as accidentally triggering the button when you brush over it during normal use.
Flash back even further to 1981 and you have the BBC Microcomputer with the Econet interface. When I was in school in the early 90s we still used old BBC Machines. One of the Micros acted as a server with all the software pre-loaded into a set of ROM chips inside the Machine. The other systems connected via Econet and requested the applications stored in ROM and any information that needed to be stored was written to one of the floppy disk drives. Its not the Internet, but...
No I'm pretty sure the Internet has had a method for delivering a GUI with a backend database for a long, long time now. AOL Messenger springs to mind for one of the earliest methods using the OSCAR protocol. Pizza hut had a little HTTP web app in 1994 to order Pizza delivery for pitties sake
So they're, basically, patenting the Internet... what?
They make very little profit on the Ultrabooks (or "will make very little" since they have not been released yet). In two years if they are still trying to race to the bottom of the bargain bucket whilst incorporating new technologies into their products, we could see many brands dropping ultrabooks, making cost cutting measure in quality/feature set or raising the prices - either way, Apple laughs all the way to the bank with their supply chain. I want competition to keep...
WebKit is Apple's open source movement that builds from KHTML. Apple added tonnes of proprietary stuff on top of KHTML and then just went "right! open source that sucker!". Google's only proprietary addition to chrome is the V8 JS Engine. Everything about the Layout engine is just straight up webkit.
He was making a joke from a Google quote soony-jim. Try not to take it so seriously.
This is the problem. They are all following one ultrabook specification, so all these manufacturers will be putting out the same product with the same insides at different price points with slightly varying case designs. At the end of the day, buyers are all going to turn around and go "if they are all the same price and the same specs, why not get an Apple and enjoy the premium market brand?" Not even released yet and the PC makers are commoditising the market already.
That is only the screen size though. I don't think people will even be remotely hyped until these companies release some solid specs. For example, I've read reviews on the new Acer Ultrabook and I can't find any specs other than "it may use Intels ULV i3, i5 or i7 processor" which is fine and dandy but "may use" is not good enough. Plus there is apparently build quality concerns on the acer (flexing with the case, particularly the monitor).So they are either cutting costs...
Please note the quotation marks around his reply.
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