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"When in Rome..."
I don't think windows needs to die off as much as it needs to evolve. The system architecture has barely changed from the classic System32+Registry rubbish that debuted with Windows95 16 years ago. The registry is the biggest problem - a top down tree structure with no random access, the biggest single point of failure in the system and something which is all to easy to clog full of gunk. I uninstalled one bit of software on my Toshiba the other day, ran CCleaner and there...
Or by 2015 as stated in Back to the Future II. Ferrari Air anyone?5 instead of 4? That's amazing!TAKE MY MONEY! I MUST HAVE ICON++
27" iMac, 1st gen Intel i7 (2.93GHz). Equivalent monitors would be classed as "professional desktop". To give a current example from NEC (from a 5 second Bing search) - http://www.nec-display-solutions.co....D_Professional The only 27" Monitor from that list is over £1800 (inc VAT), has the same bit depth (32bit), same contrast ratio (1000:1 typical, max not specified for the NEC), lower brightness (300 vs 350) but 1ms slower response time (iMac is 6ms, NEC is 7ms). The...
I'll go call the solicitor. Might as well get a head start, because Apple sure as hell will
Its called "Internet Trolls throwing a hissy fit over Apple". Apple equipment can be very surprising when you get a like-for-like comparison. £1800 for my iMac, monitor costs £999 from Apple or £1000+ from a competitor, so £800 for the computer underneath is a fantastic price when the i7 chip inside it at the time was £400 off the shelf.
It's also third in the Market share race since the PS3 has been overtaking the 360 in Europe and Australia since Xmas 2009/2010 (I forget which), making the US the only Market to outdo the PS3. I found the figures for returns/trade ins as well (which made a mockery of the Wii) which actually put the PS3 so close to the number1 spot it was rediculous, but I can't for the life of me find them again. They were for the UK so it probables wouldnt have bothered many people on...
All I will say is "lots of images" with regards to the cover flow views.
Well done Microsoft. You've managed to take the cluttered Aero interface and somehow make it even MORE cluttered. Are Microsoft's UI designers asleep or just stupid?
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