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I know it doesn't. I'm in a hotel on 7th and 55th right now in front of the TV since the city has been shut down. Why did you mention london? Being british doesn't make me a Londoner I'm from the north east and in my life we've had storms powerful enough to smash glass, throw heavy garden furniture, uproot trees and rip tiles off of roofs held on with cement. September 24th last year - waves were so high they went /over/ the lighthouse on the coast of my city. 23rd May...
Yes it was originally a Cat3, but it was getting weaker and weaker and everyone could see that. To bring NYC to a screeching halt, to have Obama call it "historic", that is clearly overacting. I agree with getting people out of flood prone areas,
I love how people are calling this a serious hurricane. This happens three times a year in the UK. I'm in new york right now and my god its all blown so terribly out of proportion.
That has nothing to do with ergonomics.
It wont stop them from existing, but without the MacPro the professional market would be sorely pissed and Apple would miss out on a giant chunk of the media creation market its worked so hard to cement itself into over the last few decades. Professionals need workstations. MacPro is a workstation. 2+2 = 4 (etc.)
I don't see any Mac's using ARM CPUs at all until they become far more powerful. Isn't there a report floating around that the A5 iPad2 performs as well as a PowerBook G4? Last Time I checked, even the 1.3GHz Core2Duo CULV in my Toshiba Satellite T130 performs better than a G4 CPU. Maybe it will be like the GPU in the MacBook Pros - ARM CPUs for the lower power tasks - x86 kicks in when power is needed.
It actually presents a flaw in the "PC == Trucks" logic steve threw out there. Without trucks, where is the bread in my supermarket aisle?
To put it short and sweet - Frank Shaw is right on the money. Tablets and Smartphone are brilliant and all that Jazz, but I can't exactly write a 10k research paper on an iPad. I can sure as hell try but it would pail in comparison to a fully fledged Desktop or Notebook Personal Computer. I know HP have pulled the plug, but that does't mean death to all machines with a physical keyboard on a desk either (this includes notebooks). I've always thought the idea of...
I'll keep mac os for my desktop and notebook - but windows 8 looks pretty damn awesome if you ask me - that'll be going on my tablet pc the second it gets released.
Apple does seem to have helped itself to the all you can sue buffet - but the Playbook looks nothing like the iPad to me (unless the colour black is patentable, of course ), has a completely original OS with a vastly different GUI and touch sensitive bezel + screen, therefore having a completely different form of navigation and interruption for many aspects of the system. I love Apple and all that jazz, but if Apple sue RIM for patent infringement for trade dress or some...
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