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Black Berry and the Recently Acquired Google/Motorola Mobility are the only two I can see keeping their head above water with the iPad. HP TouchPad was good, but it was too little, too buggy and too late.Given the 250,000 PlayBooks sold in the first Quarter, the expected 800k~900k sales over the year for the PlayBook, and the fact that galaxy 10.1 and Xoom are pretty much cropped out of the picture (lawsuits and shit, respectively ) my money is on RIM taking the #2 spot...
So the top Wintel manufacturers are now limited to Asus, Acer and Dell. Cheap, cheaper and 'what on earth is that?' No wonder PC Sales are stagnating if thats all the wintel users have to work with.
AKA: contract and pay and you go. Do american carriers charge seperatly for texts and voice??
Its a shame really, out of all the tablets competing with the iPad the playbook is by far the best. I wouldn't mind gaving one, to be perfectly honest. After playing with one in a shop I was impressed. Does anyone know what the sales are like over here in europe? BB Phones are crazy popular over here in the UK (I see more of them in the wild than any other phone).
I realise it is a popular game. But 1.2billion, really? 1.2 ->BILLION<- NO, REALLY?
I can understand the lawsuite against Samsung, as the Galazy was a blatent knock-off. The motorola Xoom, on the other hand - I'm not a fan of Android tablets (and the only good thing Motorola has ever done is the 68k CPU architecture) but I think Apple may be going a bit OTT with a filling against Motorola. I am only taking this at face value, however. I have not read the specifics of the claim as of yet.
Not surprised to be honest, because: 1) Europe - we don't f**k around and; 2) Germany - they REALLY don't f**k around! Its nice to see all of this payoff in the end - the level of obvious copy cat was at the same level as Jesus is to a bible-belt christian.
Currently writing my post graduate dissertation - the topic is cloud computing. The entire literature review was just on finding out what on earth it actually was! After doing all of that, I am now baffled and rather confused about iCloud. What part of it is "cloud", exactly? So far its just a sync service and web mail, typical web2.0 stuff. I think Apple has taken the buzzword at face value and ran with it.
The patent doesn't cover "any bootsteap ROM", however - it covers the IBM BIOS system as used by legacy wintel machines based on the DOS operating system. A Macintosh doesn't even use an IBM Bios architecture, it uses Intel's extensible firmware interface which is a very different beast. Autoexe.bat is also not a cache as the patent states, but a list of items to start on boot - and if they are not in autoexe.bat, then they are never executed - be it an application or a...
Should I be surprised its from eastern europe or applaud that they maintain he stereotype?
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