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A secret protected by rocket launching, genetically modified T-Rex's like everything else in Apple's catalogue. With quite a lot of things relating to props, Apple might want them back once they have been used. Furnishing, not charity.
Apple wouldn't get paid to have products in the shows, they would've supplied products for free in return for free advertisement. Though in quite a lot of shows the Apple logo/product name is covered by some kind of sticker (usually with a fake company logo on it) because they wont have permission from Apple. I see those stickers all the time in television advertisements.
And they all looked like prissy, up-market idiots I wanted to punch in the face!
Do you honestly think you will get an answer from a technology forum full of nerds and geeks?
How do you think a lot of stuff is done in flash? Hand coding. The useful stuff anyway - and the actionscript language is also a subset of EMCA script, same with Javascript. Webkit browsers now have 3D accelleration (WebGL) and Javascript now has threads (workers) where actionscript does not. HTML5 has already shown it can be just as capable as Flash (search for html5 demos, or web gl demos if you use chrome or safari on lion with gl enabled in the developer menu). Saying...
So how much do you think Adobe will sell this for? 2, 3 hundred pounds? I think I love you!
beat me too it!
I think you need to refresh your mind on what Apple is sueing Samsung for. (hint: hardware)
I knew Android tablets would really take off - its essentially the same scenario as Linux based operating systems.It actually reminds me of a very old computer joke (when I say old, I mean OS/2 old!)
The price slash could also attribute to the 3DS also being a complete load of crap. The sheer number of 3DS consoles in the "Pre-Owned" section in every shop I walk into is almost biblical.
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