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I actually thought that Asus Notebook was a black MacBook Air at first glance, I had to double take.
That should really be on a t-shirt.
IMEI Number - learn it and love it
8 carriers in the UK (Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Tesco, Asda, Vodaphone, 3Three, LibreMobile) and 6 have the iPhone available for contracts. Yet only 2 carriers in the USA carry the iPhone? You'd think for a country that size it would be at least, what, ten? Does the USA even have ten carriers? I can only name four (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon)
Lets not forget the screeching sound radiating from the speakers from Cassette tapes on old 8-bit machines.
The price sure has dropped. £529 for the basic model. Used to be £699 or £599. I may have to get one of these new Mini's to use as a web server
I come from an all day power cut (well okay, since 3pm yesterday) back to the news that Lion will be released today! Shame about the time difference though, but at least I get to use my MacBook Pro at work to check for a download. Excited I am. I'm not a developer so this will be a 100% new experience for me
Excuse me whilst I brush this off as pointless rubbish. I doubt all NAND-Flash in the world will struggle because Apple decided to rebrand MobileMe (come on, we all know thats what it is). Its a sync service, local storage is still required. NAND wont suffer - especially if SSDs drop any further in price.
Nice to know not everyone on the Internet is a pile of pent up rage
The sarc mark is a new one to me. I just stick with rolling eyes and using a sarcasm XML tag. Its just a nice clean way to open files without editing anything. You still get access to everything from the Finder via A COMMAND FILE, you don't have to open the terminal every single time, and I wasn't arguing - I'm simply showing another method. Don't get so defensive - Its like I just insulted your mother or something
New Posts  All Forums: