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Terminal, not spotlight.Put the following into an executable command file:Code:#!/bin/bashopen $home/LibraryI use a command file to run the UNIX cleanup scripts.Make said file executable with the chmod command and viola. No need to edit anything and you still have full access to the Library folder via the Finder with a double click. Change the second line to include the sudo command and you've also got root privileges to the folder. Folder stays hidden, you get root...
Rather than copying it over and risk CS5 freaking out over a new OS, just deactivate CS5 before installation. Re-Install and Re-activate. Its a much safer option and Adobe's systems are updated when you re-activate showing that you are an OS 10.7 user.
I've been waiting for Lion for ages now, I'm getting irritable waiting for it. :IOr you could not edit anything and just use the open command.Code:open $home/Library Shove that in a clickable .command file and you're good to go. No editing needed.
School, full of kids, with no money. WELL GEE I WONDER WHICH HANDSET WILL WIN, THE CHEAP ONE MAYBE? With that being said, on the train to University almost every device I see is an iDevice. Some android devices show up now and then and the hipsters seem to have blackberry phones (maybe they got free hair spray with it )
Have you ever used a WP7 device? Even I, as an iPhone4 user, am very impressed with the WP7 platform MS has put forward. Its surprisingly competent.
I love how everyone is trying to draw some kind of line between Tablets and PCs. PC = Personal Computer, a tablet is just a computer in a different form factor - I don't see anyone making a clear distinction between desktops and notebooks despite the form factor (which woulld essentially be the same thing). With that aside, if balmer says tablets are PCs, where are ye iPad sales figures in all of this?
Notice how he put 'only' in quotes. He's referring to the browser wars and how MS IE won from being proprietary and readilly available.
You're basing your entire argument on one post on a website which clearly states in its own sitel logo that its opinion, not to mention that some of the article is just pure gibberish. "They're making it more like iOS!" - "Windows 8 with its new Windows Mobile Style features and UI" "Windows 7 style " - I'm on my Windows 7 machine right now, I've been searching for the last 15minutes and I cannot see one of these supposed "copied" GUI elements. If its...
Make it pressure sensitive (which is possible with a capacitive screen), and have some form of system where only the pen is detected, then I'm sold. Throw in Photoshop Elements for iPad and I'm deffinitly sold! (a man can dream).
I do not think people are going to confuse "App Store" with "Amazon Appstore For ". Everyone knows the App Store as belonging to Apple, not Amazon. Its just like Microsoft and their Office Suite - if I was to say "I got new office software", pretty safe bet the vast majority will think "Microsoft Office".
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