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Well this is a pointless article. Oh look! The OS on MULTIPLE pieces of hardware is outselling the OS on ONE bit of hardware! SHOCK HORROR How about you include tablets and iPods into the equation, eh lads?
My thoughts exactly."OH BUGGER! They've found us out! Quick, distract them with the megaphones!"
That actually makes a lot of sense, like an "iPad 2R" of sorts (R for resolution?) I hope it doesn't come to that, however. I'm off on holiday at the end of August and plan to get an iPad 2 at the NY Apple Store (Exchange Rate from British Pounds to US Dollars ) - If they do release an improved iPad2 two months down the line I will run my head through a brick wall
Out of all the competitors to the iPad, HP is the only one I will wish "good luck!" and mean it. They obviously wont dethrone the iPad (at least for the foreseable future), but HP put out some very nice equipment imho. This tablet, once its gotten the edges roughed out, should be enough to keep Apple on their toes I think.
So the only difference is byte errors and the warranty? What about reliability? Performance? Any difference? No? Well then!
Only if we can have an obnoxious early 80s synthesizer chirping away on the opening credits
iDisk gone, now I am severely pissed off.
Yes, in America thats short sighted, but Phone contracts in many parts of Europe are MUCH, MUCH cheaper. I pay £30 a month for my iPhone4 contract (£169 upfront - saving of £430) and get 3GB fo Internet (with tethering), unlimited texts and 500mins (or unlimited if its to someone on the same network). It will take aprox 15months worth of payments to pay off the £430 difference, leaving 9months remaining (£270 worth of bills), which is what most Americans pay in just two or...
I fired up my windows laptop (a Celeron T3500 system) and gave it a whirl in fullscreen (1366x768) in IE9 (so HTML5 and Flash were hardware accelerated). The Frame rate claims of the flash test are bogus, you can clearly see with the human eye that its the same or less than the HTML5 test - its dropping frames and stuttering like no tomorrow. That said: Canvas Test - 50% CPU Usage, spikes to 60% at times. Flash Test - 50% CPU Usage, spikes to 80% at times, 200MB More RAM...
Firstly: Can we see these so called claims please, in writing from credible sources? Secondly: Read the patent a bit more closely - if you bothered to ACTUALLY read and understand it rather than taking a look at the size of the claim list, you will see that it basically says one thing - using your finger, or fingers, to transform content on screen, and the content applies to Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Email, Basic Scrolling through content and the World...
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