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http://www.ubergizmo.com/2010/04/qua...runs-on-html5/ HTML5 and Javascript. Flash can only dream of doing things like that.
Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful
I've ate the pudding, and it was delicious
Stop trollin', you're fooling no one :B
I have copied PS1 games that are over ten years old, they work fine. High quality CDs and DVDs (you can tell quality from how dark the bottom of the disk is) will last for years. I have Backup DVDs from 2001, they're now ten years old and they still read perfectly at full speed.Cheap disks will die and very quickly, high quality disks will last you a lifetime (if stored correctly).
True, that never occurred to me, but with it being HTML5 it shouldn't put a dent on your CPU like Flash, so thats one upside to it.
Hopefully adblock will still be able to block said HTML5 advertisements by the URL the ad is coming from and just replace it with some kind of blank banner image.
I'd like to point out the post above yours, showing what a bit of HTML5 and JS can accomplish. Thats just as good as most FPS games in the App Store. You'll just be lacking the gyro and accelerometer.
http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/quake-...ews-33132.htmlHTML5 + Javascript = Full 3D remake of Quake 2. Flash doing that? Please... flash can't even do 3D
Apple sets such a good example for retail. These rules are common sense and I'm surprised they aren't applied in other such retail stores. Anyone not from the UK in the forum, you have not known torture until you have had to deal with the customer service at PCWorld. It makes me shudder...
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