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The phrase "you are a dick" comes to mind. Referring to you, of course. No information has been given about iCloud and the representative even told you that she did not have any information, and you still blow a gasket at her? Here are some pills, they make you chill, TAKE THEM
NOOOOOOOO! Not Thunderbolt! Then I'd have to spring for a new iMac
I get it, I get it, optical disks == bad joojoo. Thanks anyway, I think a few people will be happy about this Could also mean a bootable USB Pen Drive for MBAs.
I still think the kid is blowing hot air. His app merely "tricks" iOS into thinking its docked via USB. Apple's implementation goes off of iCloud and existing information in a user's account whilst doing it silently in the background. The icon is similar and the name is the same. But the icon is two of Apple's already well established icons glued together and the name is generic. I also don't believe that the iPhone team said they were "impressed" with the application....
This is the first time I have heard this, either I missed a post about it on Ai or its only something the developers knew about. (Probably the former knowing me). Drive failure is something you have to consider, as well as whacking the disk into another Mac without having to re-download on the other system. It may just be me being old fashioned, but I've always proffered having my OS on some form of physical, bootable media. Many people on Ai after the announcement wanted...
I've heard on the grape vine that OS X Lion, when downloaded from the AppStore, will have a bootable DMG image included in the .app package (right click > show package contents). Apparently, this disk image (Install.dmg or similar) when burned to a DVD gives you the full install procedure as with previous versions of OSX, with access to disk utility and install options for a clean install. I am not sure if this information is true or not, I'm not a registered developer...
it honestly doesn't look that much different to what it is now. Round Buttons = Square Buttons Drop Downs = Monochromatic Everything Else == Aqua Menus are still colourful and so are the window controls. Considering how the rest of the UI uses rounded off rectangles, the buttons don't look like a sore thumb anymore. I'd still much rather have Lion's new UI than that mismatched "look at me!" mess that is Aero on Windows. If anything its just been toned down to not be as...
There is a word to describe Huges. "Screwed"
Please tell me that was just a very deliberate troll XD
I'd like to bring up my Word Perfect and Microsoft Word argument again.
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