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"Smaller developers have faced similar situations in the past as Apple has progressively added features, such as the iBooks app and App Store recommendations, to iOS. The issue will likely be as the iOS developer ecosystem continues to grow." WORD Perfect and Microsoft WORD, anyone? "An Apple representative contacted Hughes to explain the rejection, saying the app didn't "technically break the rules," though it did "encroach upon the boundaries" of what is allowed in the...
I am REALLY worried about this as well. Are there any developers in here who have a beta of Lion who can confirm the "iDisk" still in Finder's "Go" menu?
I thought iCloud was a separate media service from Apple, I didn't realise it was going to replace MobileMe. I wonder what the new email prefix will be... Ah well, as long as I can access the existing MobileMe services I'll be fine and dandy, the MobileMe calendar is like my life support system at this point, haha! I would actually be incredibly annoyed if the existing MobileMe services became free, because free means ad supported and ad support equals a lot of spam...
Couldn't have said it better myself.
I think it's Apple's answer to Sophos' "On Access" scanning. The ONLY thing I hope Apple do differently to Sophos is have it not check already installed and previously used Applications. Sophos' On Access scanner caused large applications like Fireworks and Dreamweaver, Word, Eclipse (etc.) to take a fair few minutes to open, rather than thirty seconds. On a Notebook it was even worse because it hammered on the CPU and Hard Disk like no tomorrow, using more battery life...
I actually had a toothy grin on my face when I saw the "daily malware definitions check". If its kept squeaky clean and up to date with as many malware definitions as possible, then even the opening of safe files automatically from Safari will be of very little security risk. It'll just flag a warning and dump it to the trash. Although I think the dialogue box should've read "it will be moved to the trash", rather than asking for confirmation.
Samsung actually announced it in february 2007 and didn't release it until December. The iPhone would've been in planning way before that and was released in June. Just saying
Claiming he didn't know about the suit against him, yet he received a cease and desist letter last year. Whatch me as a I call 'bull' on his story.
Accessing data from a centralised server? Possibly buying things from a centralised server? Oh my! Maybe someone should tell VIPC about this little Invention called "Client Server Networking". Also, Android Market and Windows Marketplace seem to have been missed out of their lawsuit, I guess they don't have the same social status and bragging rights when sued.
That "real world" speed is just under six times my home Internet connection. Impressive! After reading the other posts it seems as though AT&T are not that spectacular and expensive. It kinda makes me appreciate the service I get in the UK for my iPhone4 - £35 a month and I probably get more of everything a month, haha! Though I imagine the UK won't see 4G until a fair few years after the USA - hell, portions of the UK still don't even have broadband Internet, let alone...
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