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Ahem. There's a system called ABS that is used to track the IMEI number of a any phone. It also gives location details, time of the call, numbers dialled, etc. They could already track you before this file, they can track you now. Thats why privacy laws exist... So, to anyone thinking this file is evil or needs to be removed because of privacy implications. SHUT UP and go scream at your service provider. They'll have everything you've ever done on your phone tucked away...
OH NO! My iPhone is keeping a cache of the location services! OH NO! My web browser is keeping a cache of my browsing history AND my passwords! OH NO! Google is using my PERSONAL INFORMATION to advertise stuff to me! OH NO! My Apache installation is keeping a log of people who access it and it gives me their IP Addresses so I can PINPOINT THEM ON A MAP OF THE WORLD! (and I have done this) OH NO! My computer is keeping a log of ALL its activity and what I HAVE...
Security updates are brilliant and all that jazz, but I still can't go a single session in power point without it bugging out or crashing. Excel seems to have frequent visits from the crash fairy rather frequently as well. Word is surprisingly stable, just slower than an old woman at the checkout.
One cable and you're hooked up and ready to your cinema display! Sounds like good crack to me.
I think Mr.Crazy needs to pop a few pills and go back to sleep.
At least it's easier to figure out than Windows Media Player.
Toyota, don't give up your day job, because you are really terrible at UI design.
I just saw "Photoshop Elements for iPad" and I think my brain just shut off. Even before its released, Adobe already has a customer! I may have to buy a second stylus pen now...
I see Google have finally realised what a mistake it was to make the system 100% open source. The best software on the market is either closed source and produced by expert developers, or is only partially open sourced, or is Completely Open Source but is STRICTLY reviewed before the code submitted is actually added to the final product. Android was just a crazed free for all. It was the equivalent to giving someone a photoshop document (lets assume 'Android.psd')...
A conspiracy doesn't have to be sinister to be a conspiracy. A better term to use would be "fringe theory". It just sounds like you were stating that this was all going to happen because of scret plans, the way you mention iOS is what made it sound that way.
New Posts  All Forums: