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No offence intended, but that all sounded like some conspiracy nut's wet dream. I think you need to stop reading those 1950s sci-fi novels and think realistically. The biggest "conspiracy nut" moment in your post was about iOS. 'perfect name for an OS about yourself inside you' (to quickly paraphrase). No. the lower case letter 'i' came from the original iMac in 1998. The 'i' stands for Internet - the Internet Mac. Not 'i' as in me.
1. Good, but bad UI. 2. Buggy, crashy, bad UI 3. Unique, yes! Good? I suppose, but its not on the level of iOS and Android. 4. Not innovative. It was merely an evolutionary product - an evolution that was quickly pushed aside by the specs of the Playstation 3 5. That is a brilliant bit of kit! Microsoft didn't invent it though, they just licensed it and slapped their name on it. 6. You trolin'?
I'm not so sure Windows Phone will become that big. It has been replaced in business, mostly by RIM, but a chunk are also on iOS. It also has only a handful of applications. Another thing is that Nokia make cheaper products compared to the competition, have you seen the system requirements for Windows Phone 7? WP7 needs (nothing is optional) a 1GHz CPU, 256MB of RAM at minimum, 8GB of built in memory at minimum, a DX9 capable GPU, a capacitive multi-touch screen, a...
Its official, Nokia are clearly insane. I can understand somewhat if they were going after the iPhone again, since Nokia are a phone manufacturer, but going after the Mac as well!? What exactly would Nokia be claiming infringement on in a desktop operating system? Why did they choose to go after all these alleged patents only after loosing the first ruling? When are they going to realise that they actually need innovation to to stay afloat and not law suits? Who the hell...
I have an iPhone, not an Android, I just downloaded an album last week from a torrent site because I felt like it. I guess I should go wait in line for my Android phone since my methods of acquiring music are SO Android... But really, what?
I just noticed a typo in my post, I meant 'or', not 'in'. But oh well... That's what I get for typing it on an iPhone. Also, everyone else needs to STFU, grab some maxi pads and some ice-cream and get over your PMSes, so one person didn't get my attempt at a joke, big deal!
If its in the US only then Apple has nothing to worry about, especially if its a streaming service. Spotify is currently one of the big dogs in music streaming right now, its available in the majority of Europe and has only just now gotten to 1million users, and its available on iOS devices. iTunes can sit pretty with its crown on for a very long time to come.
At this rate, it might be called iWork'12
There is this new invention called a joke. I was making a joke. Nokia has crappy tech, Apple has good tech. Apple couldn't possibly have any of Nokia's crappy tech in their phones wouldn't be so good. Do you get the "jab at Nokia" bit now?
Apple has the right idea. Its still available, its just not in system preferences. But FTP is scarily old, outdated and has been replaced by much better standards now. The current FTP standard was written up in 1985 and it hasn't changed since! The WebDAV stuff sounds intriguing. Does this mean a mounted WebDAV volume in Finder will finally run at full speed? I bloody-well hope so. The time it takes to transfer one Photoshop document less than 2mb to my server on the...
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