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I really wish Samsung stopped making a big deal about the "S-Pen". Its a Wacom Digitizer - its nothing new and nothing special. Support for styluses under Android is pretty damn dire - even worse than the iPad and not even in the same solar system as Wintabs. At least the iPad has a bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus available on the market now and apps like sketchbook pro and artrage can already make use of it.
The issue is not a rectangle with rounded corners. If you've been paying attention then you'll see that it is much more than that.   The issue is that Samsung took many small elements from both the physical design and the UX. All those little things culminated together to produce something that was alarmingly similar to the iOS devices on the market. Little things that, on their own, wouldn't have worried Apple: Some icons look the same, the charger looks the same, the...
The USA is still in the top 30 of developed countries (December 2010) 14th in Reading, 25th in Maths, 17th in Science.   Of the top ranking countries, only two are Asian, believe it or not. Finland, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan (not in that order, though Finland is #1 in the world).
Despite the fact the second was called the 3G and fifth was called the 4S.
If you're trying to troll, you're doing very badly at it. I estimate your age to be around 15 years old.   That aside; Since when did the Galaxy S3 matter in this case? And since when was it considered "beautiful" when almost everyone in the Android community hates it or does not consider it as good as the S2 or S?
I read that article and I just laughed at it. He praises Microsoft on certain areas because the Apple store was too crowded, therefore dampening the experience. Then he praises the Apple store from sheer bias.
Its a map.   Give two weeks after release and no one will care in the slightest.
If it was Infrared, it would be IR. It clearly states IReen
  If I wasn't at work id quite happily get you those photos of Apple's prototypes a full year (some two years, I believe) before these sammy prototypes ever saw the light of day. EDIT: anyone else notice the UX designs from samsung on those documents is called iReen?
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