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After some digging, I found its Intel's fault, not Apple's. (well, partially) Support for Intel Quick Sync Video was added in OS X Mountain Lion for use with AirPlay Mirroring - but only high-end Sandy Bridge Processors or newer have Quick Sync video. From the benchmarks I've seen on the internet, Quick Sync is about 22x faster than software decoding/encoding on the same processor.   I've tried Air Parrot on my Arrandale i7 iMac (AirPlay Mirroring but in Software) and the...
I want... no... DEMAND, the two tone version. I think it looks amazing! :D Well, the back of it does, anyway.
Both my Core i7 machines ran like crap when I first installed ML. I can confirm that after the first boot and all the indexing, its running far better than Lion ever did.   YMMV of course.
Pretty sure this is the first for OS X. Plus, its not a big deal. So they moved the new tab button to the right. Not exactly black death...     Why are you cleaning out your cookies and history anyway? Either way, this is how its done automatically if you really need it. Safari > Preferences > General > Remove History Items after one day Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Block Cookies > Always or Third Parties (your choice)   For some extra zip, you can enable the...
I was joking as well b:
IF YOU USE LIVESTREAM PROCASTER, DO NOT INSTALL MOUNTAIN LION OR REMOVE LIVESTREAM FULLY BEFORE INSTALLTING THE NEW OSX.   Mountain Lion fails to load the livestream kexts at boot up and causes the system to halt.       Livestream killed my computer again, oh what a shock /S
Well, I'm annoyed now. Just installed Mountain Lion on my Late 2010 iMac.   Its at the Apple Logo and all hard disk activity just stops. Grey screen, little spinning icon. I've never had a problem with a new OS X system before but first time for everything. :-(
Activity Window did not copy out of the cache, it opened the URL and if the file happened to be in your cache already, it would just pull that one.   With the network tab you can right click on an item and copy its URL. You can also preview it in the larger, right hand window. As you can see I'm not on my Mac so I have no idea if the same shortcuts for downloading still work as they did in Activity Window.   But, if they don't, there's always CURL from the terminal.  curl...
That's DOS you fool! He's on one of those Mac computers I saw on TV.
Oh well. :-( Activity Windows was nice and simple, but the Network tab in the Web Inspector does the same job and is more comprehensive - its just more text and numbers than the average layman is accustomed too.     EDIT: Above picture is Safari 5 on Windows Vista (work machine blech) and it appears as if Safari 6 has no Windows download on the Apple site.
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