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The Mac has some shocking features

A Review On: 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Pro MD314LL/A (Late 2011)

13.3-inch Apple MacBook Pro MD314LL/A (Late 2011)

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Ron Meyers
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Pros: Perfect pratical size. Keyboard is great feel, touch pad works.

Cons: electrial unstable

I have had 13" Mac's since the first one. I'vd had the "White's" (W's)and the Aluminum(A's). I love the feel of the A's vs the W's from a production aspect of getting something done. The keyboard is much better and the look and feel is more appealing.  My partner and I had Whites in China for  2yrs. Overseas the big issue is environmental conditions. The W's held up, unlike the A's. Here's the flaw. The moisture creates mold. We opened a W's and to our amazement it was moss green and mold black but still working. The keyboards wore out from our poundings... enter the new A's. Within a year... it was a shut down do to mold build up inside. We had problems with the power adapter keeping the current going thru it.  Had two rounds for repair due to too much water. Dropping it in the urinal wasn't helpful..lol but that's a another China story. The main problem I have with this machine is the fact it's very very touchy to any kind of water due to it conductivity of metal vs plastic. Don't sneeze to hard or lights out!  Also, whatever speed they brag about with new models I can't tell the difference. 


All in, I'm still a fan!


Yeah, I'm sure your use case is representative of the majority of users. 
Pendergast, I'm NOT SURE your comment is representative of the majority of users!
I suspect it may be just you.
A review is obviously the opinion of the person who wrote it. It is up to you whether you agree or not