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17 inch macbook pro late 2011

A Review On: 17-inch Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A (Late 2011)

17-inch Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A (Late 2011)

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Pros: is fast with thunderbolt and lots of hard drive space

Cons: has been discontinued from apple site and won't get the new display etc due to

this is a nice to have mac i have the mid 2010 model thats  like it just not quad core with thunderbolt. I want to upgrade due to I have the mid 2010 with same design etc and a i7 processor and apple care i plan to sell to upgrade to this one this late 2011 model is a good and fast one especially with the i7 and quad core and if u decide to upgrade to more ram it comes with 500gb hard drive that can be upgraded. This is a good one to have because the 17 inch macs have 3 usb jacks and larger screen and more. I have seen and been on this mac before at the apple store and it boots up and opens applications fast, unfortunately you can't find this mac in apple stores anymore, you can find it at places like mac authority and other apple resellers still. The benefits of this mac are ones like its fast, can be i7 quad core , 3 usb jacks , larger screen then others , unlike the new macs has built in cd/dvd burner, and is upgradeable for the hard drive and more. This is a nice mac for those who like 17 inch fast laptops that pack power and performance , and don't want to have to for more screen space buy a external monitor etc. 

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I just purchase Late 2011 model in March 2012 and was not aware of discontinuation in future.
But when I heard confirm news I feel as most lucky guy in world to have such big display and fast machine, now have SSD also. Lots of upgrade options. Really nice machine.