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Aperture 3

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Pros: is cool apples version of photoshop

Cons: dosent have all the elements of photoshop yet

This is a nice to have program. I have heard about and seen this program being used before its like photoshop, it lets you do things like edit photos, add effects to photos such as black and white etc, edit videos and more. Its a cool program for those into photography and editing and making photos look good and nice and rich, or those editing videos and for those who don't like the comes with mac iPhoto much this program is compatible with most cameras and has updates often to assure it is and is good for those with professional cameras. 


Bcbcbroderick aperture is nothing like photoshop. Aperture's editing functions are very basic limited really to what you could do in camera simple exposure adjustment, white balance, and minimal image adjustment. Photoshop is an image manipulation program, allowing effects, layers and extensive image changes. Aperture is a photo storage program, photoshop an image changing program. Look at the menus in photoshop (or if you don't have it get gimp), and you will see the difference.
Aperture is an organizing tool with basic adjustments. Reading about it in other forums you'll find many photographers use it about 90% of the time and go on to photoshop only for further manipulation and serious retouching. It also excels at Slideshows. You can download it from the App Store.
I use Aperture with Pixelmator, Aperture has better photo adjustments than Photoshop. Pixelmator has most of the tools I use Photoshop for, layers, removing a background, adding cool filters. I still use Photoshop for some times I can't do with those two, but I have no plans to upgrade Photoshop any more.
...and with latest version of Pixelmator there's CMYK?
Lemon Bon Bon.
Can anyone do anything about BBcbcborderick annoying "reviews"?
"This is a nice to have review-copy-paste. I have heard that a cousin of a sister of the donkey that lives in a barn next to my aunt's husband's business writes reviews as bad. It's a cool way to spam the right-side bar on AppleInsider with the phrase 'This is a nice to have whatever' and is good for those with a quarter of their screen pixel-dead."
$89.99 on Amazon??? MAP $79.99
Sadly I have to agree with lightknight. The point of a review is pass on a some knowledge of whatever you are reviewing. If you don't know anything, don't post.
btw Apple is dumping Aperture so as good as it is, it is history.
1. I have used Aperture to store my photos taking advantage of the nested hierarchical file structure. Now that Aperture is no longer supported, what and how should I maintain my collection? I do some photo editing and like the fact that the original as well as the edits are stored and retrievable. Unfortunately I have some stored in an "archive" that Aperture is no longer able to open.
2. The HD on my MacBook Pro retina is getting very full but I am hesitant about moving the Aperture Main Library to a small external for primary storage even though USB3 is fast. Help!
Thank you, in advance, for your suggestions.
PS: I backup to two separate external hard drives stored in different locations (home and work) and just don't like the idea of the Cloud.
AppleInsider › Products › Applications › Aperture 3 › Reviews › bcbcbroderick's Review