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Apple iPhone 4 32GB (Black) - AT&T

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Pros: 32gb is a cool amount of space can be used to hold lots of apps and music with still space left over for other things

Cons: is actually 28.51 gb due to iOS 5

This phone is cool, 32gb is good for storing 85 and up apps, and over 1 thousand 6 songs, plus a few episodes of your favorite tv shows ,or a couple of movies, and photos of memories.The 32gb iPhone is a cool phone i have over 85 apps and over a thousand songs  with still alot of left over space to use on future things, like more apps tv show espsodes and pictures and videos. This phone is  ideal for if you like to have all your favorite playlist on your phone instead of a separate from phone iPod ,and enof apps to do anything you need with a few games for when bored. Also good for if you  often take pictures and videos and don't want to use up all your phones space. If  you want to carry all your music and stuff get the 64gb. I have 32gb with apple care and AT&T and got from radioshack on tax free weekend and its been good can't wait to upgrade to the iPhone 5.


p.s. if you have a little more money get the iPhone 4s so you can have more speed and features. When I got this phone I hade no idea about the new one coming out soon right after was messed up due to on a 2 year phone contract and can't just randomly return or upgrade it. This is a good starter iPhone does almost everything a 4s can do. I have to pay for a contract less iPhone 5 so can have it factory unlocked, and don't have to pay an early termination fee on contract or sign another contract, leaving forward when contract finally expires it may be time for the iPhone 5s to be rumored about and announced.



Apple iPhone 4 32GB (Black) - AT&T

iPhone 4

BindingWireless Phone Accessory
FeatureSize 32 GB
TitleApple iPhone 4 32GB (Black) - AT&T
Height4.5 inches
Length2.5 inches
Weight0.5 pounds
Width0.5 inches
Package Quantity1
Product GroupWireless
Is Eligible For Trade In1
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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AppleInsider › Products › Legacy Products › Apple iPhone 4 32GB (Black) - AT&T