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Pros: good for tracking runs as long as its working properly

Cons: cheap, unreliable, low quality, expensive, waste of money and time

I was given the Ipod nano 6th generation for Christmas 2011. I was starting to take up running and needed something to track my run. since I just started I was only using my Ipod roughly 3 times a week for about 45 minutes each time. I have no other use for the Ipod except to track my run and provide music while I run. After about 8 months the volume of my Ipod keep going down. It would not let me turn up the volume. I took it I not the Apple Store and they didn/t know what was wrong with it. They decided to give me a brand new Ipod since it was still under the one year warranty. I was bummed that I lost all of my data on the original Ipod but was relieved that it was being replaced. I didn't use the original Ipod during the winter months of January, February and March so the Ipod I took in originally did not have heavy use. I left the Ipod store with a brand new Ipod. Now 4 months later after visiting the Apple store and getting a brand new Ipod the new Ipod has died. I can assure you that I do NOT use it on a daily basis, which I wish I did, but that is not the case. One day I was charging my Ipod I went for a run and when I came back I plugged it in and the battery was not charging. I left it plugged in overnight and the battery went dead, my Ipod never turned on again and now its a useless piece of metal. I went back to the Apple store and they offered to sell me a new battery but couldn't guarantee that that was the problem. They were unable to turn on the Ipod so they couldn't diagnose it and give me any logical explanation as to why a 4 month old Ipod that had minimal use would have a completely dead battery???? I can assure if the Ipod had substantial wear and tare I would not even bother taking it in to the Apple store I would just buy a new one. make a faulty product. Is it so they can continue to gain more profit? The more our Apple products break the more money they make through repair and replacement. Is this the business of all major corporations? Stealing our hard earned money by providing us with a product programmed to malfunction that way we can continue to support the company and increase their profits while we lose money. So I warn you DO NOT purchase this product unless you purchase a lifetime Warranty and have it replaced every six months. From my experience with two different Ipod nano 6th generation, the average usage time is roughly 6 months before something goes wrong with it.




Very Disappointed :'-(


I could not disagree more. I've had 2 (first one I lost) and they have been the best iPod/Watch I have ever owned. The battery lasts for more than 10 days, it looks great, stores some photos, great for those 'hey we need some music' situations. It's served me well and I plan on picking a few more up if Apple doesn't end up making an iWatch.
It sounds to me like you just got a defective model. Swap it out and stop griping. Apple will do everything possible to make sure you have a working product - including replacing multiple times over.
Did you get your second defective one replaced free by Apple?
no :( that's the most disappointing part of all is that they said it was past my warranty but it was defected I only had the second one for 4 months literally just 4 months with 3 times a week hour long use. They only offered to replace the battery at an extra charge but couldn't guarantee that that was what was wrong with the ipod. So now I have a practically brand new ipod that doesn't turn on.
I had the same issue with - bought my dad a 6th gen nano for when he's out walking - the volume started to go down after about 3 months. We got it replaced under warranty, and that one in turn had similar issues after about 5 months. The guy at the apple store said that the warranty starts from the date of purchase, which meant the first defective iPod's date of purchase and not the second defective iPod.
Meanwhile, my 2nd gen iPod and 2nd gen shuffle both work great 6-8 years on. Maybe it was that model that was a POS? Could be the reason apple totally redesigned the nano line, but i haven't researched whether this was a common problem or not...
Wow thanks for review ya
You see the problem with averaging stars??