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Problematic and severe quality control issues

A Review On: Apple iPod nano 16GB - Slate MD481LL/A (7th Generation)

Apple iPod nano 16GB - Slate MD481LL/A (7th Generation)

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Pros: small, light, accurate pedometer, decent screen

Cons: screen issues, expensive, no software update

I've always been a fan of the Nano size factor and have owned all generations of the Nano from 4th through 7th. I always enjoy having extra music and podcasts around with me and prefer to save the space on my iPhone other concerns.


This will be the first generation iPod Nano I will ever have sold off because of reliability concerns. I've gone through three of them and the issue is always the same. A period of time passes and the screen suddenly develops horizonal lines of pixels that no longer work. A search reveals the issue is common.


To me it is unexcusable. Apple sells this item for more than many touch screen phones go for in this day and age. To have such shoddy workmanship continue to show up three times means it isn't just the luck of the draw and I hit the one problematic Nano out of thousands that were fine.


With the increase in size it really would have been for Apple to also do more than just round the icons and be done with it. There are fewer clock faces and far fewer background choices than the 6th generation Nano. Prior to the 6th generation Apple used to update their iPod lines annually. Then starting with the 6th they went biannual but at least pushed out software update 1.2 which featured several software improvements to the same hardware. Now we are 18 months into the 7th generation iPod Nano and it is clear in addition to the shoddy product, that Apple can't even be bothered to take the hardware and refine it with some software improvements. It wouldn't have been hard to have someone flatten the interface to match other Apple initiatives.


At this stage, Apple doesn't appear to want your money for an MP3 player. I'm selling mine when it returns from a 3rd  Applecare warranty service and will apply the money towards someone who is trying a bit harder. Perhaps it won't be as nice but I'd suspect the screen will last longer than four months.


Ipad these zidurile head people these toys. Although other manufacturer is not the worse.
I don't really understand why Apple still doing Ipad since all the people who need it should buy Iphone.
"I don't really understand why Apple still doing Ipad since all the people who need it should buy iPhone."
A: Kids and people who still enjoy their flip phones or need an ADA compliant phone, like a Jitterbug.  And, kids can still place calls on an iPad or iTouch, it's just VOiP and not tied to an expensive contract.
iPhones are too big unless you're a woman with a purse or a kid with cargo pants. We need and iPhone nano - though hopefully with no screen issues...
How many months do the iPod nano screens last?