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iPod touch 5th gen 32gb

A Review On: Apple iPod touch - 32GB, Black MC544LL/A (4th Generation)

Apple iPod touch - 32GB, Black MC544LL/A (4th Generation)

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Pros: is nice and has enof space to enjoy

Cons: often makes you wish it was an iPhone due to requires wifi for messages app and more

This iPod is a nice one due to the following, is like the iPhone with iMessage, has front and back camera that is clear,iOS 5 also compatible for iOS 6 , has enof space on it to enjoy. This iPod is good for storing music like a work out playlist, car playlist, few tv show episodes, and apps due to it can store alot with still space left over and not being slowed down it is enjoyable. This is good for if you like to do the above and if you don't feel like buying an iPhone due to the contracts or high prices on the prepaid ones, with this you have almost all the futures of an iPhone bill free due to uses wifi networks. 


I have a doubt..!! It shows the image of IPOD 4th generation but u r saying it as 5th generation... And its specifications also didn't add up.. n btw fr how much did u bought it..?? cz i too saw the same image showing IPOD 5th gen in EBAY even..!! Help me...
Oh, don't worry about that. The image is just old and we can't change it.