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iPod touch 5th gen 8gb

A Review On: Apple iPod touch - 8 GB, White MD057LL/A (4th Generation)

Apple iPod touch - 8 GB, White MD057LL/A (4th Generation)

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Pros: is nice white is nice color one matches outfits and more

Cons: 8gb isent enough space

I used to have a 8gb white iPod touch. It is a nice one to get for if you want a iPod that matches your clothes etc and is noticeable due to white, and want to put only favorite songs playlist and apps on due to little space.

I got ride of this one due to there wasent enough  space on it due to pictures and videos from the camera and apps and music, i hade to much for it and didn't really wanna delete much, and got tired of cleaning up music library on it. This is good for if you want to put only your favorite songs and music and apps on it, and enjoy the iPod features like the maps app,camera,messages app and more that is almost like an iPhone. This is also good for if especially you don't have a over a thousand songs etc music library, its good for if you have a small one you clean often to save computer space etc. Its a nice iPod if you have things like over a thousand songs etc get the 32 or 64gb one. When you buy don't forget the apple care to extend warranty.


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