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Apple Magic Trackpad (MC380LL/A) Reviews


Great product


Pros: Good alternative device for people with disabilities who get tendonitis from prolonged mousing

Cons: Inconsistent features with Mac system upgrades

Hello,   This is a great product. It has made it possible for me to work again, having been partially disabled by recurring tendonitis from the strain of using a mouse or trackball all day long.   However, with the latest OS X system upgrades, tap-drag has gone away and has been replaced by three-finger drag. This is difficult to get used to, difficult to coordinate with my fingers, and slows my productivity. Why do away with something that is working?   Might I suggest and request that Apple brings back the earlier tap-drag feature, and lets the user choose which drag option to use in track-pad preferences?

Mouse? What mouse?


Pros: Easy to use. Highly versatile! Looks sweet!

Cons: Some of the gestures are not consistant. Not pressure sensitve

One of the things I'v e learned in the Apple store is 'look, but don't touch'. I know, I know that they actually encourage you to touch and touch a lot. The thing is once you touch it, you've got to have it and if there was ever a device you should keep your fingers off of, its this one. Once you run your fingers across this brushed aluminum slab, it is all over with. One finger, two fingers, three fingers, four! Pinch, swipe, back and forth, left to right, up and down!. Yes, it is technical porn. I don't even have a mouse anymore. Just my wired keyboard and this wireless wonder.  What gets me is that it looks so minimal and yet it is so highly functional in the Apple kind of...
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magic trackpad


Pros: is cool especially with lion installed on mac and all of its different gestures and things like mission control

Cons: can take a little while to get used to unless you are used to using the trackpad on laptops alot

This is a cool mac accessory. This product works good with mac os x lion and will also work good with the new mountain lion. The magic trackpad is like having a bigger version of the mac laptop trackpad but wireless and bigger with 2 batteries. With the magic track pad and mac os x lion it lets you do things like lots of gestures, zoom into web pages etc easily with a pinch on your iMac etc computer , use mission control easyer, access the dash board with just a swipe, access all desktops etc with a 3 finger swipe up , stroll down web pages, documents etc with just 2 fingers going either up or down of the trackpad. This is good for if you have a desktop mac with lion or later installed...
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AppleInsider › Products › Accessories › Apple Magic Trackpad (MC380LL/A) › Apple Magic Trackpad (MC380LL/A) Reviews