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A Review On: Apple Magic Trackpad (MC380LL/A)

Apple Magic Trackpad (MC380LL/A)

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Pros: is cool especially with lion installed on mac and all of its different gestures and things like mission control

Cons: can take a little while to get used to unless you are used to using the trackpad on laptops alot

This is a cool mac accessory. This product works good with mac os x lion and will also work good with the new mountain lion. The magic trackpad is like having a bigger version of the mac laptop trackpad but wireless and bigger with 2 batteries. With the magic track pad and mac os x lion it lets you do things like lots of gestures, zoom into web pages etc easily with a pinch on your iMac etc computer , use mission control easyer, access the dash board with just a swipe, access all desktops etc with a 3 finger swipe up , stroll down web pages, documents etc with just 2 fingers going either up or down of the trackpad. This is good for if you have a desktop mac with lion or later installed on it and want a mouse for it that is like the laptop trackpad with all its gestures etc is a cool accessory to have.


p.s. goes good with wireless keyboard to and the apple battery charger that comes with rechargeable batteries that last for whiles and save you money from having to buy replacement batteries often.


Nothing against the substance of this review, but the English word use needs improving.
"good" is not the correct word, it must be "well"; "lots of gestures" should be "many gestures" (though I would disagree here, in the trackpad case, detects all the gestures that are supported by the OS on newly manufacture Apples), "easyer" should be "easier".
In the p.s., "good" to "well" again, "keyboard to" to "keyboard too", "whiles" to "a while", though generally this sentence needs a total rewrite.
I find it sad that a community member can not place his/her review comments on this board without being attacked for the poor use of English, punctuation & spelling, it's a bad case snobby, it's a shame where not all perfect Mr waldobushman
This is America. Learn the language or go back to your own country. USA is number 1!
... says "yet another sanchez" - in bold. LOL
Send a suggestion to the administration: "Block foreigners from this forum! All of them, including people like, say, Linus Torvalds - "we" don't want them. "We" want and accept only genuine number 1 Americans, so help us God!"
I'm going to start deleting comments unless they're on topic. If we've nothing to add to the review itself, there's not much else to be said here.
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