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iWork ,09

A Review On: iWork '09 [OLD VERSION]

iWork '09 [OLD VERSION]

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Pros: is cool apples version of Microsoft office suit but somewhat better then office

Cons: is old i wonder when a new iWork will release .

This is a good program for if you have a macbook pro or air or iMac etc. It dosent take up much space and opens fast plus works on lion. I have hade this program ever since I bought my mac in mid 2010 with its i7 processor and 500gb hard drive. This program is somewhat like Microsoft office but apples version, it can also open up word documents and office power points etc. iWork like Microsoft office has a typing application (called pages), a presentations application (called keynote), and a for data chats and graphs etc application (called numbers), all included on the iWork cd. You can like with Microsoft office do all the document typing presentations, graphs etc you need to do with this program. It is a nice program to start with before paying lots to get Microsoft office home and student for mac, plus on the app store you can buy the applications of this program individually for only $19.99 each, and use an app on your iPhone,iPad,iPod with this program to keep your documents etc all in sync and i think iCloud to.

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i'm using this product too from more than 3 years now overall it is a good product.
AppleInsider › Products › Applications › iWork '09 [OLD VERSION] › Reviews › bcbcbroderick's Review