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  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    For over a year I had been wanting something like an echo to try out some smart appliances.    I had wanted Apple to come out with a Echo competitor a home Hub or expanded apple TV.

    Back in the summer DED did a similar article 
    Which lead me to wait thinking it would be shortly released this past fall.   Well I was wrong and in November finally got an Echo.   Its great.   I'm so impress with how Alexa can understand me from the other room even with a television on.  Love it.    So much nicer than picking up a phone.

    While many of DED's stories are very informative I don't see a need to attack these other products whenever one of the other ones receives favorable press.

    Siri may have been expanded to other platforms like the watch or Mac but I don't find it any more useful now than two years ago.    I don't know anyone who thinks its much more than a frustrating joke to use it.    It's your grandfather's Oldsmobile of AI.

    I think that Apple is really behind the times.    I would find the watch and AirPods much more compelling if Siri was better.   If Amazon does deliver another phone (yes the first fire phone was a joke) I will take a look at it and may switch because Amazon has a big Ecosystem themselves.

    Apple would be foolish to think that people are forever locked into their products even when they are the best now.

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  • Apple, Google, Uber vow not to take part in Muslim registry

    This database remains very unlikely to be created.

    But if it does then every loyal American reading this post should register for it. I certainly will.

    Muslim American are Americans and we need to defend our fellow Americans, through the dilution of an unconstitutional database if necessary.
    The Census is basically creating a database of everyone and is constitutional.   Shouldn't be a problem with this.

    This probably won't happen because it will probably be blocked by the Senate or liberal courts.
    Besides Trump already gave into public opinion in not investigating Hillary.

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  • Editorial: Uncertainties of a dysfunctional American government likely to hurt Apple's performance

    1.   The only one who criticizes the press as much as Trump is DED.

    2. Obama's stimulus act included $8 Billion for high speed Trains but nothing ever came of it.   Trump will definitely build his wall.

    3.   Apple is against Trumps immigration policies only because they wanted more H1b visas and Hillary was going to give them to the Tech industry to pay them off for their support.
  • How Google's lack of human curation spreads and monetizes fake news

    I thought it was Facebook that elected Trump (not Google).    I guess its ok when the left attacks the media (but not when Trump does).

    Yeah It's probably time to Close this thread down.   LOL.

  • Internal documents reveal first look at Apple's self-driving car platform

    I can see it being called Apple Drive and being activated by saying, "Engage." They could even do a Star Trek tie in.

    And wind up killing hundreds of fiancées as they phone their friends about their engagements…
    This will go down in history as Timmy's Folley.  

    Titan will be seen as a big failure for coming out so long after Tesla.   And a big waste of time and resources.
  • Samsung could have its own Apple Park with $5 billion, but has the ashes of Galaxy Note 7 ...

    melgross said:

    MacPro said:
    Soli said:
    MacPro said:
    melgross said:
    Yep, Daniel, as soon as I read the headline, I knew it was you.
    You seem to have become a bit of a curmudgeon lately. ;)
    Is his comment to be read negatively? I had the exact same thought, but that's because Daniel is very clever with his writing which results in even his headlines having wit. Whether you agree with his editorials or not is another issue altogether.
    It wasn't just this post.  Melgross has always been a poster I liked reading, he just seems to have become a wee bit negative of late.  So I was trying to prod him ;)

    I love reading DED, I've yet to disagree with a word he's written to be honest and as a deeply involved  Apple 'person' since 1978 (user, dealer and software company) I claim some right to judge.  I would add I miss PED, his columns were excellent too but I just can't find any these days.
    MacPro said:
    djsherly said:
    I have trouble understanding why this article exists. As an editorial I would assume it's meant to comment on something topical but this just seems to be a rant about pundits complaining about Apple capex with some non-existent nexus with Samsung profits/exploding phones.

    To be honest, the Samsung comparison could have been left out and the article would have stood well on its own, as well as chopping a few hundred words away.

    It's no news flash, but Dilger confirms his zealotry here with a needless comparison with a competitor which adds nothing to the story. But that's no surprise, right?


    Of Course, it *is* April Fool's day as I wake.
    Oh lighten up.  You don't have to be a zealot to be pissed off that Google ripped off iOS and used Samsung to proliferate junk at a low price to try to steal business from Apple.   Therefor enjoying gloating at Samsung's problems is totally justified for an Apple user / investor.   Happily Google and Samsung failed and Apple has way over 90% of the profits so let them have at it.  Just a shame about the landfills.
    Look, I'm pissed off at these things too. I'm pissed off at a lot of things regarding Apple. I'm also a longtime Apple user, and have bought hundreds of thousands of dollars of their stuff for my family, and my own company over the years. I was at least partly responsible the the NYC Board of Ed not dropping Apple altogether in the mid 1990s, when Apple own rep didn't say a thing. I'm also a fair investor in the company.

    but I find it unseemly. Sure, maybe that's old fashioned, but this type of writing should be kept in the opinion section of the political publications.

    he can write about troubles, but in doing so should show a bit more restraint. Opinions of his style seems to be split down the middle. I really don't think it gets AI more readers, and it lowers the reputation of the site. I spend a lot of time defending Apple elsewhere, but I like to feel as though, here, among what I often think of as family, I can temper the far out opinions.

    i've been criticized, at different times, as being an Apple fanboy, and an Apple hater, and that's right here. So I'm just about in the middle.
    I tend to agree with you.

    I used to find DED's articles highly informative.

    But now they have become the Apple equivalent of a Donald Trump Twitter tirade.   If positive news about Google Now or Alexa comes out, we are sure to have a really long article about why Siri not long after wards.    It will go into the history is Siri,  why Alexa isn't as good as the public thinks, Amazon's past and current sins, and why the biased Tech Press is spreading FakeNews stories.   Finally it will end with how we just need to wait a little bit longer for the great revision to Siri to be released.

    I'm sure there will be an updated one soon about why Bixby sucks and is a total ripoff of Siri.
  • App Store trends suggest top Christmas gifts: VR, drones, cameras, Amazon Echo

    fallenjt said:
    cali said:
    I wonder how Apple Watch did...

    the fact Alexa is even on the charts or being gifted shows Siri needs an overhaul.
    I don't believe Apple can make a Puck size Siri media device at $50.
    Hopefully Apple is smart enough to not do a Siri device with this current Management (Cook, Ive, Cue).     A Echo/Google Home device by Apple with SIRI would be to much of an embarrassment.    Cook has too much of a history of cheaping out on components and manufacturing problems (Intel Modem, MBP batteries, long delayed Airpods). Lame design from Ive won't be able to be covered up by making a new product thinner with the really pathetic SIRI front and center.
    Phill Schiller won't get any holidays off if he had to spin a Apple Hub.

    Alexa is so easy to interact with.   If Google can add the same flexible to its assistant then Google Home can become an even bigger hit.
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  • A very false narrative: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple's iPhone

    saltyzip said:

    Google, LG, Motorola, Huawei all make great phones and most eclipse iPhone on the camera too. Look at the verge website for their latest camera shootout and you'll see iPhone doesn't even make the podium.

    I think the iPhone camera fell behind in quality when they when from the iPhone6 to iPhone 6S.    The rear sensor stayed the same size but the number of Pixels increased to 12 MegaPixels from 8.    Because of the the pixel size decreased 1.22 μm from 1.5 μm.   I think a lot of the android phones like S8 and Pixel have bigger photo sites and thus are often rated better.    But even the Verge article noted that the dual came on the iPhone 7Plus can shoot a lot of photos that the Pixel and S8 can't.   When you consider the price of the iPhone 7 Plus ($770) to the iPixelXL ($750) and S8 ($750)seems like the iPhone 7Plus is the one to buy.   But Apple could still greatly improve their camera by bumping the sensor size.
  • Apple 'finalizing' design of Amazon Echo rival based on Siri

    I'm in for about 4 of these. 

    Id probably replace my two Google Home. What I need is 

    1 good sound
    2, Siri 2nd Generation 
    3. HomeKit 
    5.Synchonous audio

    The rest will take care of itself 
    This lists sounds good.   Needs to be as good as Sonos in the audio quality.   Apple needs to go for much higher quality than Amazon ( I expect the price to be 500 or more).   Wanting this but not holding my breadth.
  • Editorial: An ad-free, premium social network... from Apple

    "Apple is in a unique position to fix a series of ugly problems with social networking"

    No, they are in a unique position to fail any such attempt.

    Their history is filled with repeated failures in this field. They show no evidence that they understand it at all. The technology basis for such a system is also largely a failure (iCloud).

    What could possibly convince anyone that this a good idea?
    You are right.   Last thing Apple needs to do is to try to take on FaceBook in a failed attempt at social networking.   
    (I'm a little surprised DED didn't advocate buying Twitter to shut Trump down).

    Don't divert programmer/development resources to something like this.  How about fixing iTunes on the Mac and windows.
    How about making SIRI actually work better and with the ability to work without a network connection