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  • DOJ confirms successful iPhone data extraction, withdraws encryption case against Apple [u]

    Part of me thinks this is BS and they never got into the iPhone and withdrew because of all the bad press they were getting.
  • Oppenheimer: Apple 'lacks the courage to lead the next generation of innovation'

     I love how Apple and only Apple is expected to innovate. All other tech companies can copy Apple all day but only Apple is criticized to move technology forward  because if they don't, "Apple can't  innovate anymore". 
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  • AT&T might halt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales due to safety risks, other carriers offer swaps

    Rinsen said:
    Bull shit.y these people are creating such lies.i have used the old note 7 as well as the new safe note 7.i didnt get any issues.wonderfull phone.i phone 7 has lot of issues.but still they didnt have the gut to accept did.thats da way a company should be.we salute samsung and always with them
    Textbook troll. You can't make this shit up
  • Editorial: Sorry Android bloggers, but Samsung's Galaxy S7 didn't outsell Apple's iPhone 6s

    icrap said:
    ljm828312 said:
    It's nice and reassuring that there is real reporting out there that reports on the real facts and not some conjured up articles just to make headlines on this website or any other out there including blogs. It's amazing to me that even though the 6s sales didn't match the 6 sales, they still out preformed Samsung and other phone makes by leaps and bounds. I'm not a Samsung hater out there. I love my apple products and their innovation ( even though people will say that Apple is getting lazy in that department as of late ), I just don't like rival smartphone makers practically coping Apple in design and color and now with tech with their version of their pay program and they say that's it's the next big thing. Apple was the first to mention a Apple Watch, Apple Pay, they were the first with a lightning port adapter, iPad, so on and so on and then they say ours is better, get busted by coping them, lost almost every court battle and they still have the audacity to say the next big thing is here and we are outselling Apple. They have lost trust in consumers by coping, then lying and then get caught lying and have to pay out big because again they lost just about every court battle, when really it wasn't a battle at all. That's why you go to a Verizon, AT&T, sprint, t-mobile and they sell you their premium Samsung phone and it's a buy 1 get 1 program. Or you buy their newest flagship phone and then they give you their old version of an iPad that's a few years old and it's the tablet that was in the infringement case and Samsung wants them gone or they will have to buy them back. And they don't want to do that because they are already paying out the A$$ in fines and court costs.
    WOW me Samsung, don't copy and say yours is better ( when in reality it's not ) and dont feed websites and bloggers and tell them you are profitable and outselling Apple when again reality your not. If you can do that then you might have my attention.
    Apple first released the smart watch? Are you you serious? Samsung 1st released a smart watch in 1999
     Android wear is being out since 4 years ago. Apple watch barely came out in 2015. Samsung created the phablet industry with the 1st Note in 2011. 6 plus came out until 2014. So apple copied Samsung note phablet phone. IPad pro is a wanna be Microsoft  Surface pro.  Microsoft had window tablets since 2002. So apple didn't invent the iPad tablet. Apple copied HTC one 7 metal design for iPhone 6. About  the apple lawsuit vs samsung is ridiculous. The Supreme Court needs to fix the fractured US Patents. Apple sued samsung for phones looking like iPhones with rectangular shape. Come on that's a joke. Get your facts right before you write.  Apple is a copy cat too

    Who opened the door for all the morons?

    this guy reminds me of the idiots that think iPhone was conceived, developed and released in 2007 in a matter of days.

    Claiming screen size is innovation. SMH. A bigger iPhone isn't innovation.
    That's like saying a bigger TV is "innovative." If only iterate that easy.
    I almost feel sorry for these guys.
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  • Facing challenges from FBI, Apple vows to strengthen encryption even further

    prox said:
    msantti said:
    The iPhoe is quickly becoming the terrorists phon of choice.

    Tim Cook is going to see a ice little spike in sales.

    Terrorists now know that Apple has their back.
    Apple will continue to allow the Chinese government access but will happily protect a person who kills Americans.
    I roasted your moronic a** already. DO YOUR RESEARCH instead of spreading lies that the media wants dumb people to believe.

    This actually makes me like Apple for once. “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin
    "FOR ONCE". It's irritating how people act like Apple started caring about privacy 2 weeks ago. This is old news buddy.BobLong said:
    The terrorist phone of the 21th century.
    The uninformed idiot 1-posters attack!
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  • Eric Schmidt says he uses an iPhone, but claims to prefer Samsung's Galaxy

    What I find funny about these articles is that the anti Apple morons always have excuses for these people using iPhone, "oh they're just studying the competition so it's not so bad!"

    Now imagine if Tim Cook or Jony Ive were caught using a Galaxy phone?

    "They're just testing the competition" excuse suddenly wouldn't be valid and the media would have an ABSOLUTE CIRCUS about it.

    P.S. Fandroids all claim the S7 has the superior camera in the industry. Why is an android God snapping photos with an iPhone instead?
  • With Apple's 'iPhone 8' rumored to ditch home button, 'Galaxy S8' leak suggests Samsung fo...

    linkman said:
    Wow, this is not surprising -- Samsung copying Apple on a cell phone innovation. The predictable timeline: Samsung makes billions from it, Apple sues, Apple wins, the lawsuit gets appealed and the award decreased, Apple walks away with pennies, Samsung laughs.
    What are you suggesting Samsung is copying from Apple?  Apple hasn't announced or released anything yet.  If anything, Samsung is copying rumors about a design some tech bloggers dreamed up and hope Apple will create.

    AI throws juicy scraps out there and you guys eat it up like rabid dogs.
    These companies do copy rumors and it's pathetic.

    they rush a rumor to market and stumble all over themselves. Apple brings a polished product THAT WORKS, idiot fandroids claim "Apple copied the knockoff!!"

    hostory repeats. 
  • Jay Z pulls albums from Apple Music and Spotify

    voodooru said:
    the crapple apologists are out in full force. not surprised 

    None of you clowns make a living from
    music. So you truly don't understand. 

    Apple Music pays the most.

    "crapple", let me guess, the 12 year old hates Apple while typing on an Apple knockoff device. 
  • Report claims Apple Music pays more to record labels in royalties per stream than Spotify

    Something is obviously wrong. What a mess.

    Youtube isn't helping at all. Almost all teens stream free and though illegal uploads. 
  • Google debuts Pixel 'Phone by Google,' with heavy emphasis on photography

    gatorguy said:
    sog35 said:
    How is this design not a complete ripoff of the iPhone???
    Ridiculous. They even copied the rumored blue color for the iPhone7

    Pathetic company. I watched some of the 'event' and it played like a parody of an Apple event. So sad and pathetic. They should stick to ads
    ROFTL! Copied a rumor? When did Apple announce they'd have a blue one? Oh wait, they didn't. . . .  
    Perhaps whoever started the blue iPhone rumor was reacting to knowledge of a blue one coming from Google. 
    Don't play stupid. This isn't the first time a company copies an iPhone rumor. It backfires every time though.
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