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  • FBI Director Comey calls 'emotion' surrounding Apple case unproductive, says encryption needs legis

    Maybe Comey would like help in defecting to North Korea. I am certain he could gain great insight into what happens when a government has absolute control of their citizens with no privacy rights. 

    The North Korean government would have no compunction in forcing a company to wantonly violate any vestigial right privacy. Comey would feel right at home. Or he could defect to ISIS held territory.

    And I would like to purchase a one ticket to Pyongyang for Senator Feinstein. If my own senator supports the notion of placing a backdoor into otherwise secure software, he will lose my vote forever also. 
  • Apple v. Samsung remanded back to court where legal battle began

    rob53 said:
    Then Apple should win its lawsuit against Qualcomm who used the entire cost of the iPhone as the basis for FRAND calculations. If Samsung wins the reduced amount Apple should win a greatly reduced patent royalty charge as well as a return on previous charges. If the EU can collect in arrears then so can Apple. I doubt The cost of Qualcomm hardware is more than a few dollars per device at the most. 
    Baseband radios are more than a "few dollars."  That being said, the royalties charged by QCOM are excessive. 

    Apple has already likely made a decision to move to Intel for cellular modems and QCOM is going to suffer in the move to 5G and the loss of Apple's business. It means that they are going to have to make some awful choices. Continue to invest in baseband technology now competing with Intel, or invest in CPU technology and compete with Apple. 

    Competing with both simultaneously with reduced revenues is going to be awfully difficult. 

    Samsung is likely to be one the few winners with QCOM's loss of competitiveness. They make their own modems and SOCs. Huawei is also another beneficiary and perhaps LG if they successfully develop and release the Nuclun processor. 

    Google's Android will be the ultimate loser as Samsung, Huawei and LG demand concessions with the other OEMs reduced to low performance modems and CPUs from QCOM. 

    I don't expect much to come from the lawsuit. It doesn't really matter much as the landscape has changed dramatically from Steve Jobs' time at Apple. 

    What is interesting to watch is what Samsung does to Google over the next several years. The Pixel won't be competitive for long. Not by a long shot. And apart from the phone itself, Samsung runs their other electronics on Tizen.

    With the crippling of QCOM, Google won't have many options left to exploit. 
  • Apple iPad decline continues with 19 percent drop in holiday quarter

    The iPad is a very nice machine. Very long lived too. 

    I still use my original iPad on occasion. I only upgraded just last year when the large screen iPad Pro was released. 

    My next upgrade will be to a MacBook Pro. I am waiting for Intel to get on the ball regarding their 3D XPoint memory product. And I will likely upgrade the iPad also when Apple includes the NVM memory product in the device also. 

    The iPad lasts and lasts. Such a great product. It makes for a light upgrade cycle and the likely reason for the sales declines. It is far better than anything from the competition. 
  • Apple A10 iPhone 7 speeds past Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, LG G6 & BBK 3T (with 2x RA...

    Samsung has a huge advantage over the other Android makes. They make all of the components. 

    Google's real problem regarding the Pixel's poor sales is the fact that they can't get hold of any more OLED panels. And with Apple in the picture purchasing massive quantities of OLED panels, Samsung is going to kick Google to the curb so to speak. It's no secret that Samsung wants to move away from Android and over to Tizen. With their lock on high end hardware, they have the means to do so. It is going to take LG some time to ramp up OLED production and they will not be able to achieve the same economies of scale that Samsung now has. 

    It means that Google will be paying more for those OLED panels. They can either charge more or watch their margins disappear. 

    The A11 on 10 nm is going to scream. The GPU will enable levels of game play the Android market can only dream about. The A11 is going to even put a hurting on Intel's Portable Core i7 line. 

    In the end, there will be only two. Apple and Samsung. Google is going to have to double down on YouTube. Because Samsung is going to take the Android market from Google. 
  • Samsung Galaxy fire blamed in evacuation of Southwest flight

    tzeshan said:
    sog35 said:
    This is friken RIDICULOUS.

    All Samsung phones need to be confiscated from all flights. PERIOD.

    They need to be collected and stored in an air tight/fire proof safe for the entire flight.

    These phones are as dangerous as dynamite. 
    Why the HELL is the govt not doing anything?
    Many people don't know Android phones are much superior to iPhones.  Google Android phones are capable of doing multi-tasking even in the background.  They think if Android phones are not in use then there is no danger of overheating.  Apparently Samsung proved the government and the media are idiots.  
    Android is NOT superior to iOS even with background multi tasking. And the phone in question was powered off. If android is actually running in the background when a phone is powered down, then I will admit that android is truly superior, in that it can run without a power source. And if the OS is still running utilizing the battery when a phone is powered down, it is a massive OS design flaw. It would mean the only way really to shut phone down would be to fully exhaust the battery. So much for saving the battery on an Android phone when it is powered down. The OS is still running anyway and performing multiple tasks draining the battery so that when it is powered up, half the battery life is gone. 

    Fast charging lithium batteries is fraught with risk anyhow. It was even a problem for Boeing's 787.  

    Android much superior to iOS. LOL. That's a good one. 
  • Apple captured 540% the profits of Samsung Mobile in 2016 as China's phone makers battled ...

    Avon B7 said, "No manufacturer of low or mid tier phones has even the slightest intention of massive profit. Comparing those profits to those of Apple serves little or no purpose."

    If maximizing profits isn't the goal, then it's time for those companies to get out of the business. 

    The criticism of the points DED made with statements like this are pretty ridiculous. 

    Apple and Samsung are the only two companies capable of reliably profiting from the smartphone industry. Samsung primarily in components and Apple in the finished product and vertically integrated system. 

    Samsung is attempting to move to Apple's vertically integrated model much to the consternation of Google. Samsung's plan is to move off of Android all together and over to Tizen. Samsung's Tizen phone sales in India are pretty nice. And it is quite worrisome to Google. Because if Samsung is successful, the only high end players will be Apple and Samsung. And neither will be running on Android. 


    So it actually be self-fulfilling if the low end Android device manufacturers aren't interested in large profits. Because it won't happen. There will be Apple and Samsung. The others, including Huawei won't be playing at the high end of anything. Samsung's Gear S3 makes the Android wear watches from Huawei and LG look atrocious. 
  • Report confirms Sharp pouring $878M into in OLED production ahead of 'iPhone 8'

    Samsung is so far ahead everyone else, it is going to take a major setback or a new technology development to displace them. 

    While the others are getting started, Samsung is now working on raising efficiencies and lowering costs of production. Samsung will continue to offer the best combination of lowest cost and high quality panels for some time. They make outstanding components. Unless Foxconn is willing to take losses on their upcoming panels, Samsung will be getting Apple's business for a long time. And Cook would be smart to do so. It will keep OLED panel prices higher for the rest of the market. Such that the Pixel from Google will be seriously disadvantaged. 
  • After suing Apple, Qualcomm loses $816M arbitration case to BlackBerry

    Lawsuits, the last refuge of companies who make buggy whips. 
    This was an arbitrated decision. Seems like QCOM grossly overcharged Blackberry to the tune of nearly a billion dollars. 

    This has to do far more with QCOM tactics than an irrelevant company trying to stay afloat. 

    The South Korean govt. has a judgment against them also for nearly a billion. Apple has initiated a lawsuit also and Apple isn't making "buggy whips." The justice department has also decided to sue them. The Chinese have already won a substantial judgment. 

    There is a pattern here and QCOM must be doing some awfully odious things. 
  • Google's Pixel XL priced like Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, but it lacks numerous key features

    Haibane said:
    Lets see... so you're posting misinformation on at least two things.
    Its 4GB not 3GB.
    It does have OIS, in fact they spent a significant amount of time on that feature.
    As a user of both phones, I find this to be a very difficult choice between the two.
    You should really double check your sources cause they are wrong.
    Where are you getting your information? Multiple websites and sources including the Android sites all state there is no optical image stabilization. You might be confusing electronic image stabilization which is a software feature and significantly inferior to OIS. In the real world, phones with OIS take much better pictures especially accounting for movement or low light situations. I have a 6S and I will wait for the 7S/8. I already have an Amazon echo and the Google assistant offers nothing that Alexa doesn't already provide. I don't use Siri these days as the latency is annoying and she does not recognize my words much of the time. I don't see Google assistant as being a killer app that drives adoption of the device. I see the product selling to a small group of Google enthusiasts while the vast majority of the public purchases less expensive Samsung and LG devices.
  • Apple, Amazon, Google identified as bidders for Toshiba's NAND flash memory business

    sog35 said:
    Google and Amazon are in the bidding to jack up the price. Bunch of clowns. They have no need for buying a NAND company. They only sell a couple thousand devices a year.
    Both companies have delusions of grandeur and both expect to be competitive in hardware, eventually achieving serious marketshare in devices. 

    Amazon has a legitimate plan at least. Google is completely lost and clueless. They are legitimately worried that Apple's move will drive up the open market price of NAND flash. It very likely will. But Google sells so few Pixels, it is ridiculous for them to even attempt this. Google will destroy the company through mismanagement like they did to Motorola and Nest. The result will be even fewer players with Apple still driving the show. It will be even worse for Google in the long run. 

    Amazon at least has a decent chance at keeping the memory maker afloat. Not in the same league as Apple, but still head and shoulders above Google.