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  • Apple says hidden Safari setting led to flawed Consumer Reports MacBook Pro battery tests

    This basically invalidates anything Consumer Reports does, test, or publishes in the future. Possibly in the past too. They knowingly changed settings that would not reflect an actual user's configuration, and deceitfully posted fraudulent results.

    If that's how they operate I have no interest in any other opinion they have to offer on any product.
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  • iOS 10.3 now available for iPhone, iPad with Find My AirPods, Apple File System, more

    Find My AirPods is a great idea in theory...but it is so limited in its ability to locate them that I can't imagine it will ever help. In the several weeks that I've been running 10.3, I've had at least 3 legitimate occasions where I was trying to find an AirPod, and FMA failed to be of any use.

    For reference:

    1. It can't find them if they are in the case, so if you misplace the case you're SOL.

    2. It can't find them if they are not connected to the device. Seems obvious but...since the AirPods disconnect from the device automatically when you take them out of your ears, this is guaranteed to be the case every time. You need to connect them first, and hope they connect. In my experience, if they are not in the immediate vicinity (within 3-4 feet) and not plainly exposed (not hidden under blankets) they aren't likely to connect.

    3. Obviously, it can't find them if the battery dies. Not complaining, but another reality about AirPods is that the battery is draining if they are not in the case, and won't last terribly long. Just another scenario where a misplaced AirPods is likely not going to be findable.
  • British MP urges schools to confiscate iPads, says children use tablet to bully

    Years ago, to take care of a bully, a group of non-bullies would get together and beat the ever loving shit out of the bully. And the problem went away.

    Today, the blame is place on everything and anything except where it belongs...the bully.

    They hold hour long assemblies in school on bullying, playing up nothing but victim suffering.

    Victim culture is a disease.

  • How to change back the Apple TV's Home button behavior in tvOS 10.1

    Not sure why anyone would want to revert to the previously redundant functionality. This button was intended for this App from the beginning, it just didn't exist yet.

    Just like the remotes for gen 2 & gen 3 AppleTV, holding down the Menu button takes you Home from anywhere. There is no reason to have another single press button just for that.huffcw said:
    MAU47 said:
    I haven't had the chance to play with it yet but it was my understanding that single sign on and the TV app work together but independently. So if I am signed into the apps on the Apple TV regardless of if I used SSO or not it will still pull in suggestions etc. Is that not the case?
    You are correct -- TV app does not require SSO, they are independent. Seems like the writer of this article should have looked into it in more detail before publishing false info. 

    My biggest confusion with the new TV app is it not supporting HBO Go even though it does support HBO Now. Makes no sense.

    You can find out more here:

    Agreed, AI has been publishing a lot of "articles" on the subject on the TV App and SSO and having no idea how either work, or that they are actually completely unrelated. 

    And, also, agreed on TV App confusion. While its obviously not Apple's fault, (if it were up to them, every App would be compatible day 1), it is still their product and its completely half-baked at this time, much like Single Sign-On.
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  • Hackers attempt to extort Apple with threat to remotely wipe iPhones, iPads

    "$100,000 in iTunes gift cards"

    LOLOL. 15 year olds from some town in Oregon confirmed. 

  • Why Apple should cater to 'serious' gamers - and why it probably won't

    No mention of LiquidSky or similar services?

    This really turns the table on gaming. LiquidSky hasn't released their Mac client, but will be in a month or so. I've already been able to use that service to play Steam and Uplay games on a crappy Acer PC that could never play those games by itself...but can do it flawlessly with LiquidSky. All you need is broadband.

    For the amount I use it, it is very cheap to use, and after only a few weeks I'm certain I will never buy another Mac or PC with "gaming" in mind.

  • Microsoft revamps Cortana for iPhone in renewed bid to take on Apple's Siri

    Until you can go in to settings change the default from Siri to Cortana, which will absolutely never happen, there really is no "bid" to take on anything. A voice assistant that lives in a particular app might as well be non-existent.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 fires first salvo against Apple's 'iPhone 8' with 'Infinity' display, AR...

    I'm not sure why I would ever want a permanently rounded display edge. That looks absolutely terrible. So every photo and video will have the corners cropped out? No thanks.

    Nor do I understand why I would want the display to creep under the part of the phone that I hold with my hand.
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  • 'Right to Repair' bills in five states could force Apple to provide iPhone parts, support ...

    It just doesn't stand up to logic. These restrictions are in place for a reason. And no, the modicum of repair revenue that Apple sees is not it. It's about quality control.

    I know of plenty of "repair shops" that I would never take an actual iOS device to. Regardless of whether they have access to OEM parts.
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  • Uber sued for $5M over 'Hell' app used to track Lyft drivers

    We get it...the tech media has a hard on for painting Uber as evil.

    I don't typically take such extreme tunnel vision views on issues like this. For instance:

    1. If it is against Apple's rules for Apps to collect UUID's of iOS devices, why is possible to do with a simple app submitted to the App Store? I know all about how they deliberately tried to get around Apple's rules by geofencing Cupertino and making that behavior not work in that locale, in hopes of defrauding the testers. But that doesn't answer the question of why it is possible for an App to even access the UUID in the first place? Uber found an efficient way to prevent loss and abuse of their own app, and they employed it. The only thing they did 'wrong' was violating Apple's rules and then deliberately hiding it from them.

    2. When Uber was being lambasted over their App tracking a user's location after the ride had ended...the tech media refused to even acknowledge how the entire Uber product revolves around location tracking, and you're going to begrudge them additional location data once your ass is out of the car and it doesn't serve your interest any more? Seems pretty absurd. Users give up ridiculous amounts of location data to other apps for the dumbest reasons imaginable. They choose this to get upset about. Even though Uber made a strong case for why the data is valuable...not so they can know where John Doe is 20 minutes after his ride, but to aggregate information on the behavior patterns of demographics using Uber, to better place drivers in the future, to make the service even more reliable. Are people already not even impressed when they pick up their phone needing a ride, and there is a Uber 5 minutes away? Heck, I'm still pretty impressed.

    3. How is the Hell app anything but brilliant? Assuming it is using publicly available information and they are not hacking Lyft to get the data.

    4. I'm unclear how Uber could possibly "not have permission to operate" anywhere. What government bureaucrat is sitting on that? Well, obviously the ones they refuse service to.

    5. "People within the company have also been accused of stalking journalists, celebrities, and ex-lovers." This is not a company policy or practice so it just a meaningless slander when voiced like this in the context of company doings.

    I don't really know why I'm defending Uber here...maybe because I see them as one of the few actual good ideas to come along in the last decade, and I can smell a media smear campaign from a mile away.