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  • Comparison: Which Apple MacBook is right for you?

    scottw2 said:
    I'm a developer. I want a machine with:

    1. Quad core i7 for fast code compilation
    2. Tons of (preferably upgradable) memory to run all these virtual machines for test
    3. SSD storage (512GB) that I can upgrade myself or at least have reasonable OEM prices
    4. A decent keyboard to type all day long
    5. USB-A ports to connect to virtually every type of devices out there, including iDevices
    6. HDMI port to connect to projectors and TVs in meeting rooms
    7. SD card slot to import photos from my camera to Lightroom when I go on vacation.

    I don't mind a little of thickness. The touch bar doesn't impress me. For the $500 difference, I could have bought a 9.7" touchscreen also known as iPad.

    Sadly, Apple does not make one.

    I'm a developer too. Full-time enterprise work.

    - I want lots of RAM* which I will max out on Day 1 and never worry about again

    - I want SSD storage that I'll never upgrade myself

    - I don't need USBA since I work via wifi, git repositories, etc. In the rare event I need somebody else's drive I have no problem using a small, simple adapter 

    - I have never, ever used a SD slot, probably because consumer cameras aren't part of my work. My prosumer gear uses CF, and even that I use on my desktop and not my portable.

    - I loathe thickness and want it as thin and light as possible. 

    Happily, Apple makes great options of me.

    * I currently work on a 2014 rMBP and 2011 iMac, maxed out. They work pretty well for me and run VMs, IDEs, etc, so I can't see how the latest MBP could struggle for dev work. In fact this guy's real-world testing put that nonsense to rest:

    Here’s a list of everything I ran at once:

    • VMwarei Fusion: Two running virtual machines (Windows 10, macOS Sierra)
    • Adobe Photoshop CC: Four 1+gb 36 MP professional, multi-layer photos
    • Adobe InDesign CC: A 22 page photography-intensive project
    • Xcode: Four production Objective-C projects, all cleaned and rebuilt
    • Microsoft PowerPoint: A slide deck presentation
    • Microsoft Word: A 20+ page document with graphics
    • MachOView: Analyzing a daemon binary
    • Mozilla FireFox: Viewing a website
    • Safari: viewing a different website
    • Preview: Three PDF books
    • Hopper Disassembler: Performing an analysis on a binary
    • WireShark: Performing a live network capture as I do all of this
    • IDA Pro 64-bit: Analyzing a 64-bit intel binary
    • Apple Mail: Viewing four mailboxes
    • Tweetbot: Reading all the flames and trolls in my mentions
    • iBooks: Currently viewing an ebook I paid for
    • Skype: Logged in and idling
    • Terminal: A few sessions idling
    • iTunes
    • Little Flocker
    • Little Snitch
    • OverSight
    • Finder
    • Messages
    • Veracrypt
    • Activity Monitor
    • Path Finder
    • Console
    • Probably a lot I’ve missed

    The result? I ran out of things to do before I ever ran out of RAM. I only ever made it to 14.5GB before the system decided to start paging out, so I didn’t even have the change to burn up all that delicious RAM.

  • Tim Cook explains why Apple was present at Trump tech summit

    And Steve Jobs attended Obamas meeting with all the tech companies. No explanation necessary. 
    Steve Jobs was a life long Democrat who gladly helped the Obama election campaign. He was also a long time friend of the Clintons. I lost a lot of respect for Tim Cook this week; but probably more now with his deplorable writing skills.
    You lost respect with the CEO of the largest corporation for taking a tech meeting with the next president of the united states? An administration who will assuredly make policy decisions that affect Apple in many ways. Mind blown. 
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  • Comparison: Which Apple MacBook is right for you?

    appex said:
    Apple should make upgradable computers. No more soldered RAM or SSD. No more proprietary SSD. No more programmed obsolescence. Protect planet Earth!
    What nonsense. First, Apple notebooks are serviceable -- just bring it in, like you do your car. Second, when buying a notebook I want as small and fast as is reasonable. If that means not using stock RAM sticks or hard drives and instead using chips, I'm more than cool with that. And evidently as are the legion of MacBook buyers. Third, my MBs get many years of use -- far more than Windows machines, which become crap in short order; I'd bet Windows machines make the landfill sooner than MBs, which means you should be petitioning Dell and HP not to suck instead of posting here.
  • Apple engineer briefly discusses early iPhone work, hardware development security

    Watching Steve Jobs introduce the IPhone and 3 things struck me:
    1)  This was NOT about him or anything he had done.  It was about the product and what it would do for US!  Total humility.

    But more relevant to today:
    2)  It ported OSX (MacOS) to the IPhone
    3)  It put "Desktop Class" power on the IPhone.

    So obviously Steve Jobs saw the connection between what would become MacOS and IOS -- that they were just different versions of the same thing.  
    So, Why does today's Apple insist that they will forever remain separate and different?   That they will never be merged -- even though IOS started as a variation of MacOS?

    Have they lost the vision and common sense that Jobs nutured?

    p.s. Watch the video starting at the 29 minute mark where Jobs equates the mouse and touch as just different UI's -- variations on a theme.  Then he introduces that OSX was ported to the IPhone and provides it with "Desktop Class" applications.
    You're misunderstanding Jobs, who himself stressed that OS X on a touchscreen was a terrible idea. 

    Forking branches of code from one source doesnt suddenly mandate their implementations and UI be identical. The kernel is the power underneath, but the UI is widely dependent on the interface and form factor. Example -- watchOS is derived from iOS which is derived from OS X. Should the watchOS UI look like OS X with a desktop, folders metaphor, dock, etc? No, that would be absurd, the screen is way too small. For these same reason iOS devices needn't look like OS X devices. UI is dependent on form factor and use cases, not what's under the hood.
  • Samsung's Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature defeated with digital photo

    capasicum said:
    konger said:
    Apple has never innovated, it only steals or buys ideas from other companies (cough Xerox, yeah, your first breath was stolen).
    I think you will have to read way more on the history of IT. Apple is the only company to get the Xerox technologies as part of a business deal. Everybody else stole it, starting with Microsoft.

    Actually, there are quite a few talks by Alan Kay on Youtube, I suggest you watch them all. What he says in brief is that all those technologies currently attributed to Xerox were 10-15 years in development, way before Xerox PARC was even established. Take a look at the Augmented Research Center (ARC) and what has been developed there.

    The rest of the claimed thefts are as real as that one.
    More, from one of the guys in the room:,_Apple_and_Progress.txt
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  • Samsung, LG concerned by Apple's plans to replace OLED with micro-LED in 2017 Apple Watch ...

    baederboy said:
    So, what if the talk about a touch bar at the bottom of the phone was really a micro LED panel with the fingerprint sensor embedded in it;  and an OLED panel was the main screen? 
     And maybe the next generation of the MacBook Pro has a micro LED Touch Bar? 
    IMO, the Touch Bar is deader than dead. Pros rejected the new MacBook Pros and the Touch Bar didn't help their cause.
    How do you figure, considering the record Mac quarter? Just because Marco and his groupies in the techie-blogger echo chamber say so doesn't make it fact. 
  • Apple rival Samsung forecasts high profits despite Note 7 fires & political scandals

    sog35 said:

    Hope the iPhone8 at least matches it on hardware design. Frankly the iPhone6, 6s, and 7 has fallen behind hardware design (the way the product looks) compared to Samsung. Kinda sucks.  Apple should have the best designs, but frankly that has not been true since the iPhone6.  have no idea what Ive does, but his iPhone designs have been CRAP lately.
    You continue to show ignorance about what design means. Good design is not just how something looks, but how it works. Last year Walt Mossberg said how good the Note 7 looked, but we all know how well it (didn't) work. 

    “Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told, ‘Make it look good!’ That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs
  • Samsung's Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature defeated with digital photo

    avon b7 said:
    Who cares. No one is forced to use the facial recognition feature.

    The thing is, this was replacing the fingerprint sensor.
    Where did you hear that? This feature is not biometric secure. When you turn it on, it reminds you of the fact and suggests other methods available on the phone. This is a non story. It's convenient for some but useless for others. It's just an option. Just like not setting a PIN code on your SIM. 
    Oh yes, circumventing the phone's lock authentication with a spoofed photo -- total non-story....for an android POS, that is. 

    The fact that theyre aware aware of the vulnerability of their crappy implementation and offer a warning doesn't negate it. If it sucks, then don't ship with it. Use motion or thermal or 3D to make it work properly. Anything else is just serving a shit sandwich in order to be first to market. I guarantee you Apple's implementation, if they offer one, won't be defeated by a static photo. 

    The way you apologists come come out to defend the knockoffs is mind-numbing. 
  • Apple plans new iMac configurations targeting pro users for later this year

    This is Apple's response to many pro users complaints, make a "pro"version of the iMac. Oh boy, unless they are redesigning it so the user can easily add at least a second flash storage drive or upgrade the RAM in all versions of iMac. (instead of only the 27" 5K iMac as it exists today) Allowing for the GPU's to be easily upgradable or eliminating currently used ports for the futuristic ports (USB-C/TB3 ports) without any consideration of a transitional period.  Apple will only be doing what it always does to shut up their pro customers. This is a stop gap measure for them. All Apple is doing is adding to an existing brand a "Pro" version in name only. Apple added the "Pro"moniker to the iPad Pro and only did minor improvements to it. The current 2016 Macbook Pro is just a glorified  rendition of the Macbook. It is basically a stripped down version of what  a Macbook Pro is supposed to be. It just has 3 more USB-C ports than the current Macbook. People do not fall for Apple's scam.   
    Nonsense. MBP is selling very well according to Schiller, so I guess people are pretty happy with them. 

    Don't like Macs? Don't buy one. Pretty simple.
  • Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 to feature dual camera array ala iPhone 7 Plus

    vukasika said:
    qwwera said:
    I would consider this instead of the Galaxy 8 if I couldn't get an iPhone. Always admired the note line. The pencil support is huge for me. I'd love an iPhone Plus with pencil support.
    The battery fiasco is all that saved the iPhone 7plus from getting handed it's hat by the Note 7. 
    Yeah not really. 
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