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  • Apple stock hits all-time high of $133.29, market capitalization approaching $700 billion

    sog35 said:
    All time high?

    Did time begin last year?

    Because I seem to remember a high around 134 and 1/2. About two years ago. 
    All time high Close (price at end of day)

    $700 billion is impressive. But if you take out Net Cash its actually worth less than Google.
    Actually, not if you do the same with Alphabet.  Apple's net cash is ~$150B ($246B-$90B debt with a bit of rounding down).  So Apple's value - net cash is ~$547B.  Alphabet's valuation is $575B, but they have ~$80B net cash, so Alphabet - net cash =~ $495B.

    Of course, one is doing it with a P/E of 16, and the other a P/E of 30...(P/E's not calculated excluding cash).

  • How Apple achieves the high-gloss 'jet black' color on the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

    designr said:
    "Apple in fact warns that this layer ismore prone to showing scratching and scuffing, and hence people should use a case if they want to keep a device untarnished."

    LOL. They spend all of this time and energy creating this gorgeous shell...and then recommend people cover it. This is in the same vein of phones that are getting so thin that you need a case just to be able to pick them up.

    Irony: It's what's for dinner.

    Serious question.  What do you recommend as a better course of action?  Try to think of this from Apple's perspective, or just any business, not the perspective of someone simply looks to criticize.

    1) Not produce such a finish in the first place?  
    - Consider though that reviewers who had access to the iPhone 7 on Sept. 7th said this was the best looking model.
    - Apple gets more than its fair share of criticism that its devices are lacking "dazzle" or "wow factor".  One way to do that is to have a really great looking finish.
    - Lots of positive press for Samsung with the Edge, even though it makes the device more fragile and has no (real) benefits.  But it is "cool"

    2) Not recommend a case for those that want to maintain a pristine look for the phone.  Wouldn't the complaint then be that Apple wasn't being honest?

    3) Make a jet black material with a magic quality that is impervious to any scratches?
  • Apple iPad decline continues with 19 percent drop in holiday quarter

    In comments during an investor conference call on Tuesday, CFO Luca Maestri said sales were higher than expected, noting iPad captured 85 percent of the market for tablets costing more than $200. The company's earnings release further touted satisfaction and business adoption in a subsequent conference call.
    This comment is actually the most interesting info. I would have easily believed 85% of say over $400 or $500, but over $200??!!  So there really isn't a tablet market - just an iPad market - with a low end video / game device and toy market. 
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  • How Apple achieves the high-gloss 'jet black' color on the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

    williamh said:
    sog35 said:
    designr said:
    "Apple in fact warns that this layer ismore prone to showing scratching and scuffing, and hence people should use a case if they want to keep a device untarnished."

    Apple is simply protecting themself from stupid law suits.

    Instead of trying to protect themselves from lawsuits by warning of a problem they know people will have, perhaps they would better serve their customers by sticking with more durable finishes.  It seems Apple is so enthralled by their own cleverness that they can't give up a flawed finish.  Why should anyone care how complicated it was to make the phone really shiny? And then advise us to hide the shine?
    They have 4 other colours/finishes.  No one is forced to buy this model.  Apple is being upfront about the potential for scratches and so a case can reduce the risk.  You are not forced to read this article and feel bothered by it.
  • HTC's new U series phones follow Apple's iPhone 7 in eliminating headphone jacks

    It is awfully quiet here...where are the dozens of posters that said the iPhone 7 abandoning analog audio out was the stupidest decision ever?  
  • Slower-than-expected iPhone 7 sales prompt Apple to cut production by 10%, report claims

    mj web said:
    When will Tim Cook ever do a solitary thing right? Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Pity to watch Apple atrophy under Cook/Schiller inept mismanagement.
    Pathetic troll.
  • Fifth generation of Apple TV to bring 4K compatibility, little else - report

    There is a lot more to offering a "very good" 4K streaming capability than ability to output a 4K resolution.  Just because it is technically possible to output 2160p doesn't mean the h/w could do 4K streaming services, requiring features like
    - 4K@60fps
    - HDR
    - HDMI 2.0
    - HDCP 2.2
    - Next generation codec (e.g. HEVC/H.265) to enable a high quality stream to be delivered at a bitrate that reasonable for a large number of broadband connections (a good quality 1080p@60fps stream encoded with H.264 takes about 10Mbps - 4K would be about 4 times that).  To get to sub 20Mbps with a high quality 4K@60fps takes the next generation codecs.  The royalty issues here have not yet been fully addressed, but maybe enough for Apple to take the plunge.
    - Content

    So, doing "4K right" is a big h/w feature set.  One would assume that this means updated SoC and related internals, and perhaps more storage at each tier to support 4K graphics games.  

    Other than an updated Siri Remote (which I agree with - and why not something cool like induction charging on top of ATV with magnetic attachment ala Apple Watch style...), what other features are people wanting, given that this device is clearly not going to be a cable/satellite STB, not contain a HDD for recording live OTA TV, etc?

    kevin keeSoli
  • Apple pushes AirPods firmware 3.5.1 to synchronized iPhones with minor bug fixes

    sog35 said:
    This is why Apple is great.

    So easy to get an update. Other companies don't even give updates.

    Airpods + Watch = future

    Clear as day that Apple is dominating wearables and will continue to dominate.

    All the critics said Airpods were crap. WRONG. Sold out for months.

    All the critics said Macbook sucked. WRONG. Most Mac revenue EVER last quarter.

    All the critics said iPhone7 was crap with no headphones. WRONG. Most iPhones sold EVER.

    All the critics said Apple can't do services. WRONG. 150 million paid subscribers and $25 billion in revenue. And will double revenue in 4 years.
    And yet you have consistently called for Tim Cook to be fired over the last 2 years.  Glad to see that your new meds are helping - please stay on them this time!!!
  • Editorial: Why Apple ignores so much pundit innovation advice

    This is all swell, but they need to update their core products like the MacPro, the Mac Mini, and do better with the Macbook.  They are leaving money on the table.
    Updating the MacPro and Mini is a fine sentiment - it would (maybe) make some of the Mac old guard (a little) less grumpy.  However, majority of Apple's Mac sales are laptops and iMacs.  A refreshed Pro and Mini would, from the business perspective, be a rounding error on a rounding error.  They are not "core" products in the slightest.

    The Macbook was updated last year.  Hopefully they do so again this year.  What is it that it needs to do better right now?  I hope you are not thinking thicker, more ports, fan to handle a much more powerful CPU....

  • Foxconn workers depart company, rather than shift to non-iPhone assembly -- report

    Strange...have gone to many news sites and this story is nowhere to be found...Why ever could that be?

    Oh right, it doesn't paint Apple in a bad light, so it is in fact not news...