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  • Google struggling to meet consumer demand for iPhone 7 rival Pixel

    I have two co-workers who switched from their iPhones to the Pixel, and they like it.

    One of them misses the cohesiveness of iOS but still likes his Pixel. Google seems to be bending backwards to give their customers a good support.

    Fyi, the Pixel is manufactured by LG.

    Fake news?  If true, Google has been lying since the beginning.  The Pixel is actually specified by Google, designed by HTC, manufactured by LG. 
  • Google struggling to meet consumer demand for iPhone 7 rival Pixel

    I ask Siri how heavy iPhone 7 Plus is.  It refers me to  I asked again what is the weight of iPhone 7 Plus.  It refers me to again. Apparently Siri can only do keyword search but it can not understand a sentence. This is really primitive R&D engineering using grep.  No artificial intelligence. 
  • Editorial: Apple survived 2016's onslaught of fake news and failed competitors

    The root cause of these fake news are human psychology.  There is a very clear distinction of desire of using personal computers. For most people choosing between Windos PC and Macintosh is very personal thing. For Windows users this is especially true.  The Windows users have especially harsh altitudes toward Apple.  Psychologically this is a hatred.  Apple has a status of elite. This makes Windows users have an inferior altitude.  Now since Macs has less than 10% of market share.  It is very high probability these journalists are using Windows PC to vent out their hatred toward Apple is disgust as news. 
  • Apple Notes hides flexibility and power underneath a veneer of simplicity

    I always confuse Notes with Reminders.  They seem doing the same things.  Thus I have not fully utilized Notes. The most I use is Calendar. 
  • Apple A10 iPhone 7 speeds past Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, LG G6 & BBK 3T (with 2x RA...

    iPhone OS inherited the tradition from MacOS.  MacOS beat Windows OS.  iOS beats Android OS. 
  • Apple investors shrug off Samsung Galaxy S8 event, send stock upward

    The investors shrug off because they know Samsung does not plan to sell many of these phones.  The high prices are used to brag that Samsung is leading. 
  • Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 to feature dual camera array ala iPhone 7 Plus

    Like the iPhone copied the dual camera ala the Hauwei P9.
    You are joking, right?
  • Samsung's fix for red-tinted Galaxy S8 screens forces users to self-calibrate

    sog35 said:
    It baffles me why millions of people buy Samdung phones that cost just as much an iPhone.

    I understand those who buy cheap phones and can't afford an iPhone.

    This is like spending $100k on a Hyundai instead of a BMW. Makes zero sense.
    Why are you baffled?  This is brand new phone.  How a buyer know whether it is good or bad?  Of course, by Samsung marketing and media reports.  Look at the mountains of articles about iPhone 8 I suspect planted by the tricky Samsung marketing and conspiring media.  They are forecast the next greatest iPhone 8 will have almost exactly the same exciting new features as Galaxy S8. Specifically edge to edge screen, Super AMOLED screen, Screen without Home button, Touch ID on the back of the phone, etc, etc.  All these 'news' articles are trying to make unsuspected  new phone buyers think Galaxy S8 is as good as the next iPhone and six months early.  This is sad. 
  • Apple competitor Alphabet earnings up on Google, YouTube & hardware, supplier Intel sees p...

    Pixel phones are just promising?  Last few months many reviews put Pixels vs iPhone 7s.  Pixels are better than iPhone 7s all the time. But Verizon first reported  a disappointing quarter attracting new suckers less than expected. So GOOG result is not really surprising. 
  • Apple scaling back iPhone 7 production as early demand fades - report

    sog35 said:
    How is this a surprise?

    Why would people want to buy a phone with a 3 year old design?  I mean seriously. If someone holds their phone for 2 year, this phone will have a 5 year old design at the end of their ownership cycle.

    To release the same phone design THREE YEARS IN A ROW is the height of Apple's arrogance. But that's Tim Cook's Apple for you. The amount of mistakes this idiot CEO has made is ridiculous.

    I hope this iPhone 6SS sells like crap. Hope the stock tanks hard by early 2017. And the board/shareholders wake up and fire Tim Cook. With a competent CEO who actually cares about growing the business and brand (instead of going on some dumb ass social crusade) this stock would be at $200 by now.

    I agree with you CEO is inept but for various different reasons.  He failed to exploit the tremendous popularity and goodwill of iPhone to fend off competition.  He wants to look like a nice guy.  Maybe for the obvious reason he is afraid to be criticized. Android phones have 88% global market share.  It is much higher than iPhone primarily because of price.  Why Apple would not lower the price?  Lower price will increase sales have been tried and proven true.  Just look at black Friday sales.  Tim Cook may be afraid lower price will hurt profit margin.  If this is his reason his math skill is very poor.  Lower price will hurt profit margin.  But what is the concern?  Of course the concern is the stock price.  But will lower price cause stock to drop 30% or more?  This is where I see Cook and CFO are wrong.  AAPL PE ratio is only 13.  This is much lower than other Dow Jones stocks and high tech stocks.  Will the market drop the PE more because of lower profit margin?  I am willing to bet it will not,