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  • Samsung tells Galaxy Note 7 users to turn off, stop using device

    jayjay28 said:
    This huge Samsung mess should serve as a warning to all of you guys out there whose portfolio has significant percentage in aapl shares.
    As a long term share holder myself, looking at this mess I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like IF this happen to iPhone.  For so many years, I've read so many complains (including myself) why so low PE on an extremely profitable company comparing to other tech company.

    Well, the short and simplify answer is exactly what we're seeing here with the problem happening at Samsung.  Despite unheard profit margin for a hardware company, aapl is still a hardware company.  Yes, it take great software to make these hardware run but the hardware still bring in the most of the revenue and profit. 
    This nightmare scenario is very real for any hardware company, a new manufacture process, a supplier fault etc. Some of these problem will not show itself until product is enmass.  By that time it only need small number of incident in millions to bring down a product line.   

    Unlike company like googl, fb, amzn, msft etc.  Think about what it will take to dethrone anyone of these company, which is why they command high PE.

    Anyway, just thinking out loud.
    Are you a shareholder of Google too?  Do you know Google is jumping into the hardware business with the Pixel XL which has much bigger battery than iPhone 7 Plus? 
  • Google's Pixel XL priced like Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, but it lacks numerous key features

    So apple finally adds features that other Android phons have had for a while and now its the best iPhone? AFAIK Apple still doesn't make their own ram/storage, thats coming from Samsung. The Apple ARM 9 and 10 chips are also made by Samsung and TSMC. You guys write and talk like you have something to prove. Read an iPhone comparison on an Android site is more informative than finger pointing.
    The best painter needs to make the paint by himself? 
  • Consumer Reports now recommends MacBook Pro after Apple software fix

    Apple software quality has degraded.  iOS 10 came out last October. It has undergone over ten updates.  Most of the updates are bug fixes.  This is like Windows OS.  Every time new Windows come out, the media always praise it as more stable.  LOL

    I have a personal experience.  After installing iOS 10.2 iPhone 7 Plus will no longer pair with car bluetooth.  When I try to reconnect, the connection fail. Now I am left with the task to fix the problem myself before going to an Apple Store staff. 
  • Google's Pixel XL priced like Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, but it lacks numerous key features

    sog35 said:
    sog35 said:
    sog35 said:
    Specs don't matter. User experience does.

    The Pixel is a vessel for Google's AI and Machine learning prowess.

    And right now, you'd be hard-pressed to find a phone with a better AI and multimedia experience than the Pixel.

    This is why the Pixel is better than any phone Apple has created. And will continue to be better than any Phone Apple will create moving forward.

    Unless of course, AI and Machine Learning is just a fad.
    We shall see.

    People vote with their wallets. 

    You can make up all the high sounding jibberish you want. But ultimately its the consumer who decides which phone is the best for the 'real world'

    We shall see how many $650 Pixel phones Google sells vs the iPhone7.

    That will be the answer to which is the better phone.
    The Pixel is not going to sell better than the iPhone 7. It's a new brand. And Google doesn't have the retail and supply chain expertise that Apple has.

    However, if Google continues to be at the forefront of AI and Machine Learning, then within the next couple of years, the Pixel will become a serious and formidable contender to the iPhone.

    Google with the Pixel brand is the only company that can topple the dominance of the iPhone. Apple should be very worried, considering that they're behind in AI and Machine Learning.

    Google over the years has avoided directly competing with Apple, but now, they've just dropped the gauntlet. People are underestimating the Pixel based on specs. That's misguided.

    The Pixel's nuclear bomb is AI. It has better smarts than any smartphone. Period. And those smarts are only going to get deeper and more profound as the months and years pass by.
    Are you telling me the AI in the Pixel won't be available on $99 Android phones?

    And stop acting like Google somehow discovered the AI god-child. Give me a break. Apple already has a huge AI team. IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.

    Stop acting like Google has a monopoly on AI. They don't.

    And please explain to me why the average consumer would choose a Pixel phone over an iPhone based on AI? Why?  90% of iPhone users don't even regularly use Siri. Why the hell would they abandon a brand they trust for AI? Give me a break. 
    AI on its own is useless. It's how you use it that matters. Google is at the forefront of AI not because they're good at it, but because they've figured out how to harness it in ways that has left plenty of the industry flabbergasted and flatfooted.

    A car that drove itself was in the realm of science fiction just a couple of years ago, until Google made it a reality. A computer that could defeat Go was supposed to be many decades away, until Google demolished that myth this year. Indexing the worlds knowledge and making it accessible to all made for a nice corporate mantra, until Google made it happen.

    Google has consistently delivered on the promise of AI in a manner that is accessible to anybody, and in a way we take for granted today. That's why Google is better. It's no longer research for Google. They're now ready to unleash it to the world.

    If you look at Google's hardware event through the lens of just specs, then yeah, there's nothing to impress. But if you dig deeper and look closely, the specs really don't matter. Google is transitioning from the web to hardware. And hardware is just a vessel for their AI.

    Google Home is not out yet, and it's already better than the Amazon echo without even trying. Mind you the Echo probably has the better specs. But specs don't matter beside smarts.
    Uh....Since when did Google release a self driving car? The only semi-automous car I see being sold is Tesla.

    So people are going to buy hundreds of millions of Pixel phones because its AI can beat an advanced Go player? LOL.

    come on dude. Just stop. AI is impressive but it doesn't sell phones.

    Your bias is really ridiculous. You have not spent a single second using Google Home and you already say its superior to a well established Echo line. Really? People call Apple fans sheep. I should start calling Google fans zombies. 

    Google has been working on AI for over  decade. And the only thing they figured out is how to sell more ads.

    And why the hell are  you wasting your time here?

    You basic message is Google will use AI to destroy Apple, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Tesla, ect. Sure dude.  Go preach your message in an Google forum.

    AI isn't the end all be all. Look at Maps. I think you would agree that Google Maps has better AI than Apple Maps. Yet 80% of iPhone users use Apple Maps. PEOPLE. DONT. CARE. 
    Calm down. No need to bust a vein. You seem very upset, so this is my last response.

    Google Home has been shown to demonstrate capabilities that the echo can't match. There are numerous hands on videos on YouTube. So even before release, Google Home seems to be much better and smarter than the Echo.

    Yes, it is true that Google has better software and services than Apple does (e.g. Maps). However, the default services on Apple's platforms are often Apple services. Many times there's often no way to change the default service on Apple's platform. Hence, why Maps is more popular on the iPhone instead of Google Maps.

    I'm confident if there was a level playing field, Google Maps on iPhone would be more popular than Maps. But there isn't a level playing field. Google Maps is after all, by far the largest mapping service in the world.

    Either way people who are looking at the Pixel through the lens of just pure specs, like the author of this article, are just not seeing the bigger picture. Google is, finally, taking hardware seriously. And that's a big freaking deal for a hardware company like Apple.

    Are they going to topple Apple overnight? Nope. Apple is better at supply chain management, retail and marketing. They should be. They've been doing this for decades. There's no way Google can match Apple overnight.

    But if they can build a powerful brand image against their AI chops via their hardware, it won't be before long before consumers start seeing Google not only as a great software and service company, but also a great hardware company.

    The Google Home is going to be the proving ground for this theory, not the Pixel.
    Google Maps better than Apple Maps?  This is an old myth.  Please look out Heatherway, California on both Apple Maps and Google Maps.  Google Maps is wrong.  Apple Maps is correct. 
  • President-elect Trump considers potential Apple manufacturing in US a 'real achievement'

    Why there is no mention of Mac Pro?  Isn't it manufactured in US?  Am I out of the loop? Is it a flop? 
    tallest skilargonautbaconstang
  • Samsung testing confirms battery problems to blame for Galaxy Note 7 fires

    Outside experts already explained the cause.  The battery is too compact to fit into a slim Note 7. Some positive terminals connected with the negative terminals. This caused a short circuit. A short circuit will drain all the power in the battery rapidly. The heat caused fire and explosion.  This is fundamental electricity. 
  • Lawsuit accuses Apple's iMessages of violating 2002 point-of-sale patent

    Voice Memo looks more like this patent than Messages app.
  • President-elect Trump considers potential Apple manufacturing in US a 'real achievement'

    foggyhill said:
    STFU asshole president, man I am already tired of his shit and he's not even in power.
    Have you read his craptastic jerkoff tweets!!!

    Of course, they have to plan contingencies just in case he goes "full retard" (sic), but that doesn't mean it would be a good thing for Apple or even the US.

    Considering high tariffs would be the only real way of forcing Apple to do this and the incredible implications on the rest of the supply chain,
    and the logistical straight jacket this would entail for no benefit to either the USA (either low paying jobs or robotics),
    Apple clients or even those few workers working in those fucking factories,

    Maybe hiring those "mexicans" would be the only way to produce these things without using robots and they'd be done in the southern US, not the rust belt.
    This kind of work would be highly seasonal so I guess hiring people used to seasonal work would work great.... /s

    Also, lets not forget that if there were tariffs on foreign goods, there would also be tariffs on those manufactured US goods too.
    Trade wars worked so god damn well in the 1930s that all sort of trade treaties were signed post WWII

    The important thing is :  would doing this actually be beneficial for the god damn US. The answer is almost certainly NO.

    As a segway,

    Just reading his assertions a president cannot have a god damn conflict of interest (he can, its just the remedies are very very few).
    He's going to fucking enrich himself and all his cronies directly from the US treasury, cut out the middleman entirely..

    He's an amoral sociopath and the people who will be most hurt will be his own voters which is entirely fitting since this is the GOP mode of operation.
    Hilary lost the electoral votes but wins the popular votes by two million votes.  I think it is primarily due to the unpopular Obamacare among the worker in the industrial states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.  Next year their premiums will jump and Hilary made little effort to address this issue. 
  • Apple scaling back iPhone 7 production as early demand fades - report

    sog35 said:
    How is this a surprise?

    Why would people want to buy a phone with a 3 year old design?  I mean seriously. If someone holds their phone for 2 year, this phone will have a 5 year old design at the end of their ownership cycle.

    To release the same phone design THREE YEARS IN A ROW is the height of Apple's arrogance. But that's Tim Cook's Apple for you. The amount of mistakes this idiot CEO has made is ridiculous.

    I hope this iPhone 6SS sells like crap. Hope the stock tanks hard by early 2017. And the board/shareholders wake up and fire Tim Cook. With a competent CEO who actually cares about growing the business and brand (instead of going on some dumb ass social crusade) this stock would be at $200 by now.

    I agree with you CEO is inept but for various different reasons.  He failed to exploit the tremendous popularity and goodwill of iPhone to fend off competition.  He wants to look like a nice guy.  Maybe for the obvious reason he is afraid to be criticized. Android phones have 88% global market share.  It is much higher than iPhone primarily because of price.  Why Apple would not lower the price?  Lower price will increase sales have been tried and proven true.  Just look at black Friday sales.  Tim Cook may be afraid lower price will hurt profit margin.  If this is his reason his math skill is very poor.  Lower price will hurt profit margin.  But what is the concern?  Of course the concern is the stock price.  But will lower price cause stock to drop 30% or more?  This is where I see Cook and CFO are wrong.  AAPL PE ratio is only 13.  This is much lower than other Dow Jones stocks and high tech stocks.  Will the market drop the PE more because of lower profit margin?  I am willing to bet it will not, 
  • Apple files patent for autonomous vehicle collision avoidance system

    Apple is not smart enough. Doesn't Apple know patent won't protect it from thieves?  Patent is useful protecting it from the trolls.  So what is the smart way?  Apple should file the patents at the last minutes when the products are ready!