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  • Apple Inc. valuation now more than $134 billion greater than Alphabet's Google

    "However, more attention was directed to the idea that Apple earns most of its profits from a single family of products (iPhones) than the fact that virtually all of Google's profits come from surveillance based advertising. That's a market that is not only facing strong competition from players including Facebook, but is also at risk from ad blocking and a general user dissatisfaction with being tracked and sold to advertisers."

    I've been saying this for years. To expand, Apple makes most of its revenue by selling products people want (iPhones). Google makes most of its revenue off something people dislike (ads).

    That Google is rewarded for this is ming boggling.
  • Apple says 'looking into' video of apparent iPhone 7 Plus meltdown

    Soli said:
    JinTech said:
    Wonder if they are using Apple branded wall chargers or third party.
    While it's entirely possible that out of over a billion products Apple has sold with a lithium-ion polymer battery that they caught on camera a defective unit, I'd guess the most likely culprit is from cheap and/or counterfeit PSUs. Maybe Apple should do more to keep their devices from accepting power from questionable chargers or maybe we need regulations that prevent poorly made PSUs and cables from being at every check out counter.

    No. I already debunked this last time. The circuitry (usually a power management IC) to control battery charging is inside the iPhone. The charger is just a "dumb" power supply that sends voltage to the charging circuit.

    These circuits are fairly robust and can handle overvoltages several times their normal operating voltage (5V for iPhones from USB). They also have protection to shut down in case of excess voltage, short circuits or reverse polarity. In short, your battery isn't going to overcharge because the charger is putting out too much power since your battery has no direct connection to the charger.

    In the case of extreme voltage (say 100V) the circuitry, circuit board traces and other components are going to go up in smoke (essentially a very expensive fuse) long before any of that voltage gets to your battery. So you'd have a small smoke show, but your battery would be ok.
  • Apple Watch & ResearchKit epilepsy study concludes, gleans insight on seizure triggers

    Brilliant use of technology.

    "Defying conventional wisdom on epilepsy, seizure triggers did not depend on the type of seizure the participants reported."

    This really stands out to me. I guess doctors (along with what their patients "remembered" about their seizures) appear to have associated seizure types with triggers, but actual data collection proved this wasn't the case. A fantastic example of the types of things doctors can discover with ResearchKit and specialized Apps to collect data.
  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' may not use curved OLED due to production problems

    "Apple's 'iPhone 8' won't use curved OLED due to it being a stupid unnecessary gimmick."

    Fixed that for you.
  • Apple-issued developer certificate expires, causing crashes in 1Password and other apps

    Apple implements a system that causes an application to stop working even when nothing has changed, requiring an update from the developer and reinstallation, and which does not take into account real-world cases such as users needing to use an older version of software or applications which are no longer being updated, and some of you have the nerve to blame the developer?!?!? Don't you think you're taking the Fan Boyz thing a bit far?

    Fan Boyz? What are you, a 12 year old troll?

    Thousands upon thousands of developers don't seem to have this problem. It's absolutely their fault.