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  • Drake's 'More Life' garners half of its worldwide downloads from Apple Music because of Be...

    Something fishy about those Spotify numbers.

    Considering everyone and their dog is giving away free Spotify memberships (when you sign a cell contract, for example) then I suspect these users don't really use it that much.

    Sort of like how cheap Android phones don't contribute to Google Play sales.
    Why is it that every other company has fishy numbers but Apple never does? You don't think Apple spins and skews numbers to make them look good as well? 

    You should learn to read - then maybe people won't keep calling you a troll.

    I believe Spotify has 50 million paid subscriptions and that Apple only has 20 million. What makes it fishy is that with 2.5x more listeners Spotify had a full 1/3 fewer streams for Drake. Which tells me that the average Spotify subscriber listens less than an Apple Music subscriber. This is exactly the same as Android vs iOS where Android has a higher market share, but iOS leads in all the usage metrics.

    I find it hard to believe people are signing up for, and paying for a Spotify membership and then never bother to listen to anything. And given the fact that you can get a Spotify membership for free when you buy a computer, TV, new car, tablet, cell phone, carrier contract, cable TV subscription or even a kitchen sink, then it appears people given these free memberships don't really use them that much. So while they count towards Spotify's total subscriber base they aren't "true" subscribers.

    Which, in a way, is good for Spotify. If people have memberships but don't use them, then Spotify doesn't have to pay all the bandwidth to stream to those users or pay royalties for all the content they listen to. The real test will be seeing how many of these free subs are going to retain their membership and switch to paying for it.
  • New Apple Park drone footage reveals occupied research and development building, landscapi...

    If R&D is up and running, I'd say it's time for no more drone photos. Nice to see the build, but ... Let's get real here. 

    You actually think any secret R&D is being done here? After seeing the steps you need to go through just to get a visit inside Jony Ive's lab?

    I highly doubt anything important (as in future products) is being done in any office that has a window. And not everyone involved in R&D is handling prototypes for upcoming devices - the people in these outside facing offices are probably doing initial research or other tasks that aren't so "secret".
  • Apple investigating accessory that turns iPhone, iPad into full-fledged touchscreen laptop...

    adm1 said:
    The iPhone docked one I understand, it's a keyboard case AND large screen for viewing content, the iPad one not so much - it's basically a keyboard case which there are plenty of arguably tidier options already, including from apple themselves.

    samsung had a very similar patent in 2015:

    The Samsung example and the Apple example shows clearly why Apple knows design and Samsung is left wondering how to do something unless they see it first.

    Apple placed the iPhone where the trackpad is supposed to be. Along with haptics it can duplicate, accurately, a trackpad on a MacBook. Samsung puts there's out of reach by the screen, and adds a stupid slide-out trackpad at the bottom.

    Not sure I'd use one, but at least Apple is thinking about usability. 
  • Apple acquires automation app Workflow, title to remain on App Store for free


    Workflow was already great, but giving it deeper access to iOS (which is what I'm assuming will happen) will only make a great App that much better.

    Who knows - maybe this will be part of iOS 11?
  • Apple launches special edition (Product)Red iPhone 7

    Damn that looks good in red. I bet they sell a ton of these.
    ration alwatto_cobra