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  • Drake's 'More Life' garners half of its worldwide downloads from Apple Music because of Be...

    Something fishy about those Spotify numbers.

    Considering everyone and their dog is giving away free Spotify memberships (when you sign a cell contract, for example) then I suspect these users don't really use it that much.

    Sort of like how cheap Android phones don't contribute to Google Play sales.
  • Analyst predicts weak demand for Samsung Galaxy S8, suggests focusing on Apple OLED 'iPhon...

    avon b7 said:
    S8 won't have much new. Iris scanner? Saw it in the Note 7. Bixby? Who'd use a Samsung proprietary voice assistant when they have Google already built in to Android? Curved edge screen? Already proven useless by the S7 Edge. Fingerprint sensor on the back? Great location next to the camera lens (smudges) and not particularly good for mobile payments.

    Samsung, like all Android vendors, is limited in terms of what they can announce. We already know what's in Android Nougat, so no surprises there. That leaves them with useless hardware gimmicks to try and separate themselves from all the other Abdroid vendors running the same commodity OS.

    I don't see the S8 doing well.
    Having used both front and back scanners I would always prefer the back. It's a question of preference but for me it feels far more natural and on my current phone I never ever touch the lens protection by accident. Both are aligned at top centre with the scanner right below the camera. The scanner is slightly recessed. My index finger slips nicely into the recess and is perfect for one handed operation.

    How many mobile payment terminals have you actually used? And which way do you orient your phone? Many terminals I use my iPhone at would be more difficult with a rear scanner.

    How do you unlock your phone when it's sitting on your desk (I do this countless times a day at work)? Or if it's in a car dock? Or any kind of dock? Or charging on a wireless pad (that Android users claim
    is so amazing)?
  • Apple captured 540% the profits of Samsung Mobile in 2016 as China's phone makers battled ...

    avon b7 said:
    This article has so much spin on it that it seems to suffer from giddiness.

    Apple shipping more phones in one quarter than 'Samsung's entire range of smartphones' is of little value if during the year Samsung still outsold Apple (and probably by a handsome margin), even with an unprecedented product recall.

    There's the real spin. The only reason Samsung sells more phones is because the majority of their sales are from low-end junk phones. Apple doesn't sell $50-100 phones so it's pointless to compare total Samsung sales to total iPhone sales. That's like saying Ford is better than Mercedes because they sell more cars.

    If you compare apples to apples (flagships to flagships) then Apple absolutely, totally and utterly crushes Samsung in the market in terms of unit sales AND revenues/profits.
  • Nine Years of Apple's iOS SDK generated $60 billion, 1.4 million jobs

    Marvin said:
    ireland said:
    I'm highly suspicious of that 1.4 million jobs number. I imagine a number of those so-called jobs are not earning a living wage.
    A "job" does not infer a living wage, in govt terminology or private work force.
    I would say it should match up to a minimum wage job to qualify. This would be about $15k per year. Over 9 years, this would be $135k per developer. If you divide $60b into $135k, that's 444k developers able to be supported full-time at minimum wage directly. It's heavily weighted towards the big franchises but some of them employ thousands of people. On top of paid app revenue is ad revenue, which is around the same amount again so that's enough for 888k developers full-time. Outside of this, there's employment for developing apps for companies that make revenue elsewhere. A bit further out would be marketing/website jobs for supporting apps as well as asset creation like music, artwork and there's cloud infrastructure. 1.4 million jobs worldwide seems like a reasonable figure considering there are 2 million apps in the stores now. Walmart employs 2.2m people directly. 1.4m supported from an ecosystem that has over 1 billion customers isn't an excessive estimate.

    One big one you missed is Apps created as a service.

    - Apps to access your bank accounts or credit cards.
    - Apps for government institutions, city halls, libraries, schools or universities.
    - Retail stores for online shopping.
    - Sports teams.
    - Taxi companies, ride sharing, airlines, transit systems, buses, car rentals.

    All of these require developers to create (some would have a team of developers). They are free Apps that generate no revenue from sales or ads. And they represent a large number of Apps (banks alone would be several thousand Apps).
  • Google's second-gen Pixel due in 2017, will tackle Apple iPhone in 'premium' segment

    john.b said:
    Will it have a wide color gamut display? Haptic feedback? Will it be waterproof? Or have a quality (i.e. not plastic) case? They kicked so many features down the road with their last model that it should have been called the "Google Punt".

    Lots of phones have wide gamut displays. The problem with Android is it lacks color management and therefore the ability to properly render content accurately. Lots of Android fans confuse color management with gamut and assume because phones like the S7 have wide gamut that they automatically display content properly.