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  • Logitech announces schools-only Rugged Case & add-on keyboard for Apple's new budget iPad

    This is a brilliant design. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple had a lot to do with it (while not wanting to put their brand on it). It's perfectly functional for it's purpose, and is also aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time not looking "fancy," and thus decreasing the perception/criticism that schools are being frivolous with their money by buying iPads (which invariably occurs, despite the iPad's clear value over a clumsy, spyware-ridden chromebooks or androids).
  • Corporate brands, UK government pull ads from Google's YouTube over extremist hate group v...

    I can't believe this is still an issue. Even by google standards this is ridiculous. google has known about this for years:

    google's response, back in 2015, was to whine and exaggerate how hard it is. Pretty pathetic. They were basically saying it's not a priority and they don't want to dedicate resources to it (i.e. they want to keep raking in the ad dollars). 

    This is classic google. They were even arrogant enough to imply that they're a useful public utility, and that other people and states should come in and help filter the terrorist propaganda for them. 
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  • MCX sells one-time Apple Pay challenger CurrentC to JPMorgan Chase

    If Chase drops Apple Pay I'll drop them. No hesitation.

    Edit/add: Looks like I'm not the only one.
  • Apple exposes how it teaches new languages to Siri, staying ahead of competition

    It's genuinely impressive and good news that Siri is capable in so many languages.

    However, I am still continually frustrated with just the basic functionality, and I know I'm not alone. The most recent frustration: since siri, somehow, cant understand "call ____ on ____ street," I entered my local pharmacy in my contacts as "Midtown Walgreens." Then, inexplicably, when I say "call midtown walgreens" siri's reply is "I couldn't find any wallgreens locations in midtown, here are some walgreens locations that are near you" (this is nearly verbatim IIRC). And of course, multiple, logical work-arounds didn't work; they never do with siri. For example, "call midtown walgreens from my contacts," siri's response was, and I'm not joking, "I couldn't find the contact 'contact midtown walgreens' in your contacts."

    Siri is endlessly frustrating.

    I have a strong feeling that Apple's issue with Siri is something along the lines of 'the perfect is the enemy of the good,' in that Apple is focusing on advanced functionality while neglecting simple, basic functionality.
  • How to: change the email address linked to your Apple ID account

    Rayz2016 said:
    john.b said:
    Accounts still can't be merged. Or split.

    Likewise, an Apple ID still can't be changed from an Apple email address to a non-Apple email address, or vice versa.

    Yes, that is really odd. 

    It's almost as if, years ago, Apple decided that the AppleID should be the primary key then linked it to everything else so it would be murder to allow people to change it.

    Most DBAs I run into do the same thing when they hear this:

    "Okay, you can use this customer reference as the primary key. I can guarantee that it will never need to change, now or ever."

    The DBA nods politely, then sets up a unique, auto generating number as the primary key, so that the customer number can be changed without causing a problem.

    No primary key should be visible to the users.

    I'm pretty certain that Apple will never allow the actual AppleID to be changed, or implement a way of merging accounts. For one thing, not enough people ask for it, and secondly, it would be too bloody hard.

    That's ridiculous. So anyone that started an iTunes ID before getting an Apple ID should be perpetually stuck with having a split ecosystem with Apple? I think particularity since so many people were introduced to Apple through the popularity of iPod that A LOT of people have this issue. All of my iTunes, Apple Music, and app purchases are linked to one email, and everything else in my Apple ecosystem is linked to my iCloud account. It's absurd that Apple hasn't yet provided a solution for those that want all their Apple services under one iCloud account.