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  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' to boast larger Plus-sized battery in form factor similar to 4.7" iPhon...

    melgross said:
    We continue to read about how much more efficient OLED screens are, particularly because black pixels aren't illuminated from behind. We rarely read, in those same articles, just how much more power is consumed by OLED pixels when they are at a bright level.

    apple's watch is using an OLED screen, according to Apple, because it's thinner than an LCD and LED backlight, not because it's significantly more efficient. The entire reason why OLED devices often have a black background is because of the inefficiency at brighter levels. The interesting thing here is that while, over the years, OLEDs have become more efficient, so have LCD LED backlights. The two screen types are at about the same overall efficiency, and apparently will continue to be for some time.

    OLEDs do have some other advantages, mainly the mythical edge to edge screen. And, as I've mentioned, they are thinner. The disadvantages include the still problematic burn in. While that has been improved over time, it still exists, and is part of the continued problem over shorter overall screen life. The shorter screen life, and burn in are related to the problem of why OLEDs aren't nearly as bright as LCDs. When more power is poured in, they, like every other illumination device, get hotter. But OLEDs can't get as hot as an inorganic led, so they can only have so much power. That means their brightness is restricted.

    the latest OLED screens are stuck below 400 nits in normal mode. They can jump to over 600 for a short time in direct daylight, but there is no manual control over that high brightness. LCDs can get to over 600 nits in normal mode, and up to 700 nits in bright daylight. It's true that most time that isn't needed, but when it is, it makes a big difference.

    i don't know what Apple is doing with the Apple Watch Series 2 OLED screens, as Apple states that they can reach 1,000 nits in direct daylight, and indeed, it's a lot brighter than my friends first gen Apple Watch under these conditions. Either Apple has made a breakthrough that their manufacturer uses exclusively for them, or Apple isn't worried about shortening the screen lifetime, as watches aren't used as much as a smartphone.

    but, my take on these stories is to be just a bit skeptical about the virtues of OLEDs. While they're better than they used to be, as is everything electronic, they're not yet a paragon of virtue.
    Very informative. Thank you for sharing. As LED and OLED are comparable in many ways, I feel like the most significant factor at this time is the fact that OLED can go full black, and thus blend seamlessly with the surrounding frame/bezel. This seemed like a key design point for Ive with the watch, so much so that I think he even hinted at bringing this design feature to the iPhone. Especially as bezels shrink in general, I suspect that black will be the only bezel color available in the near future, or at least with 'iPhone X.'

    BTW, I use my 4.7" iPhone 7 almost exclusively one-handed, all day long, in my non-dominant hand even, as I'm always multitasking.. checking my work computer, driving, eating.. and yes, even at the urinal! A 5"+ screen in the current 4.7" form factor is my ideal phone.
  • Staff leave Google's self-driving car team after reaping massive bonuses

    How could this be!? google is such a 'fun' place to work! Their lives are going to be sooooo boring without being surrounded by large swaths of primary colors. /s
  • Apple Pay now accepted by 36% of US merchants, is most common mobile payment platform

    mike1 said:
    I don't think I've seen a merchant accept Apple Pay in-store, without showing they also accept Android Pay. Seems like once they make the leap to mobile payments, they do both.
    Good observation. Yet another area where google is riding Apple's coattails. Same thing happened with the app store. Everyone wanted to seem impartial, so after google copied the App Store, both platforms were promoted simultaneously, even in google play's infancy. And, like the App Store (even more so), Apple is dominating in terms of revenue/profit. When is google going to start pulling its own weight?
  • Google sells off Terra Bella satellite unit to Planet Labs

    gatorguy said:
    cali said:
    Notice something?

    Goog is always selling off companies/tech it acquired while I can't remember the last time Apple sold any part of its business. Can you?

    tells me Apple actually buys things it can utilize and....utilizes them bringing in profit. 
    Yup. Before Ruth Porat came on board so many of the Google acquisitions seemed like spur-of-the-moment buys. She's brought a little sense to it all. 
    What a relief. Now I can finally sleep at night.
  • Notes of interest from Apple's Q1 2017 conference call

    Anyone else catch that Tim said "Macbook touch" when referring to the new MBP? It was probably a slip-up, but it didn't sound like a slip-up..

    Also, pretty sure I heard Tim say he uses HomeKit to open his garage. As far as I know there are no garage door openers for HomeKit currently on the market. It does seem that as far as services go, the dogfeeding is being done under ideal conditions, and thus some of the practical frustrations for the regular users go unnoticed (I can't be the only one waiting for a HomeKit garage opener).

    NB: I'm in no way a Tim hater; IMO he's doing a great, if not excellent job.