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  • Apple's 'spaceship' Campus 2 to officially be known as Apple Park, 175-acre HQ to open in ...

    Apple Park is the perfect name. Its simplicity and versatility allows for projective interpretations from different perspectives; for many people (e.g. consumers) it will likely invoke a pleasant feeling associated with strolling through a city/town park (nature + socialization + sense of community), and for others it will have more of a 'research park' association. Apple is having its cake and eating it too.

    I'm so excited that Apple has a visitors center and cafe. I can't wait to visit.
    I don't think tourists will be able to just wander about on the campus.
    And most people won't ever want to.* It's about the association and feeling. The name evokes a positive feeling (from a large range of people) of the campus, and by extension, Apple as a company. It's a very versatile name.

    *I, on the other hand, would love to stroll through, and I plan to get as far as I can before being tackled by Apple security. :D
  • As Apple hypes original content, Disney & Google sever ties with popular YouTube star PewD...

    I know someone who's a big fan of PewDiePie, and so I actually watched his response videos to the sign controversy. He basically paid some guys whose entire shtick is to get paid to hold up any sign while laughing and jumping around in a silly way. It was clearly meant to be an obviously over the top joke, and I have to admit that juxtaposition of those silly guys holding up such a ridiculously morose sign was kind of funny. But, clearly, others may legitimately feel differently about it.
  • Here's every Apple HomeKit product announced at CES 2017 coming later this year

    I've been pretty damn frustrated with homekit so far. I have a Lyric sitting in a drawer and I've been holding out on buying lighting because of the expected hassle. I installed the schlage door lock that I bought from the Apple store (in its nice, Apple-specific packaging) and the *&^%ing thing doesn't even work with iPhone 7 (the tech had me do the set up on my old iPhone 6, but the homekit was too buggy to use, and then it disconnected completely; it's now a $200 dumb lock.) An idevices outdoor plug wouldn't install. Still no homekit compatible garage door opener apparently (although one is supposedly coming). The only smoke/CO alarm I've found has terrible reviews on amazon; not reassuring for a safety device. Why bother creating a platform like this if it's going to be so difficult to use? I can't be the only one with these frustrations. The homekit app was my favorite part of iOS 10. Unfortunately it's been a huge disappointment for me.

    In case anyone is interested: I have the nanoleaf aura and it is really great and could not be easier to set up. It's the only functional item on my Apple Home control panel.