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  • Apple's online store will close Tuesday morning, fueling rumors of new products

    A new MacPro?!
    They will probably remove Mac Pro and Mac Mini from the online store and never speak of them again.
    says the guy with 12 posts...
    king editor the gratewatto_cobra
  • Apple an 'antifragile monopoly,' more secure than critics believe, analyst claims

    sog35 said:
    Apple does not have a monopoly in any sense of the word.
    Monopolies are characterized by pricing power. While the rest of the industry is selling phones for less and less, iphones are selling for more and more.

    Apple has a monopoly on elite level phones.

    Horace Dediu, who gets credit for this thesis is the best Apple analyst in the world. And he never gives price targets
    Oh, please. This is just playing word games. In the category of so-called "smartphones" Apple does not have monopoly control. Large profits are not an indicator of a monopoly, theyre a simple indicator that Apple markets and sells to the right group of consumers.
    Apple has a monopoly on over ONE BILLION CUSTOMERS. Its not like the iPhone's user base is small or niche. ONE BILLION. ONE BILLION. ONE BILLION. 

    Anything that has ONE BILLION locked in customers is considered a monopoly in my book.
  • Apple captured 540% the profits of Samsung Mobile in 2016 as China's phone makers battled ...

    buzdots said:
    blastdoor said:
    My takeaways --

    1. Despite the enormous profit advantage, Apple does not seem able to completely knock the competition out of the high-end market. The Chinese are not as far behind in terms of features and performance as one might expect given the resource disadvantage. I think this is because Apple can't come up with enough good ideas for investing those profits back into the iPhone business. That's not a criticism, it's just the nature of a mature product -- innovations come more slowly because the opportunities for meaningful improvement are far less obvious than they were when "copy/paste" was a big new feature. 

    2. The Mac is a very profitable business that deserves more investment from Apple! I think it is realistic to believe that Apple could double (at least) its share of the global PC market if they tried. They should dominate the high-end of the PC market in the way they dominate the high-end of the smartphone market. 
    I could not agree more - except with the "mature product" definition.

    Regrettably, Apple's inovation has slowed to a bare trickle, and you guys don't give me this Apple Watch BS.  I understand that Tim is not Steve (damnit) but honestly, since the "Steve driven" pipeline has drained there have been very few mind blowing innovations - maybe none.

    Yes, the stock is doing well and profits are hanging in there, but honestly, the thrill is gone for me, and I have been banging on Apple stuff since 1987.

    I personally think Apple relies far to much on brand loyalty, and has actually survived on it since the "great demise."  They continuously fail to make meaningful updates to flagship software, having stripped the iWork group, there is constant uncertainty as to Mac Pro and Airport.  Even Apple TV seems to still be a beta (kudos for a better input device - WFS)

    The fanaticism that use to surround and boost Apple is dying at a rate that may be unrecoverable without some serious reality distortion again.

    I mean, come on, when one of THIS WEEKS headlines is "Steve Jobs thought the Genious Bar was idiotic" aren't we still hoping he will somehow walk back through the door?

    Apple is where it is because of great vision, great products, hard work and some serious loyalty, all of which seem to be tapering off quite preciptiously.

    Saturation without innovation can be a rude awakening.

    Wasn't it a mature product when we no longer needed a switchboard operator - or was that touch-tone?
    What a joke post.

    No innovation in Apple?

    What was Touch ID? Apple Pay?  Apple Watch - and don't try minimizing this. No one 4 years ago though that an Apple Watch would sell tens of millions of units a year and do the things it does today - mobile payments, notifications, fitness, health, ect... Home Kit. Health Kit. Did you not see what Apple is doing in the health sector and medical research?  3D touch. Airpods. Portrait mode. Innovation at Apple is alive and well.
  • Calling augmented reality 'the next major innovation from Apple,' UBS raises price target ...

    lkrupp said:
    I’m glad to see so many here finally getting it. Screw the analysts. Screw them when they’re wrong. Screw them if they happen to be right once in a while. Screw them.

    I never once took the advice of any analyst seriously. Save one:

    This dude:

    He won't give you target stock prices but he has a deep understanding about Apple strategy.

    He's one of the first analyst who really made a big deal about Apple services years ago.
  • Warren Buffett grows Berkshire Hathaway AAPL stake to 133 million shares worth $17 billion...

    slurpy said:
    sog35 said:
    On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, a financial analyst writing for MarketWatch designed to pen an article explaining why Warren Buffet should drop Apple for Qualcomm. I decided the analyst had nothing better to do than trash Apple while promoting Qualcomm. Two days later it was announced Buffet's investment had increased in value by $1.6 billion! Now the above is being announced. I am glad I was and am able to see that the analyst was way off base!!
    Never believe what those tools write.

    Do you own research and due diligence. 

    Apple will be a powerhouse for the foreseeable future. This stock will reach $150 this year and $200 in a couple of years. 
    Coming from the guy who has been shitting on Cook and Apple for a year, and demanding Cook be replaced. Is this when you were doing your "research" and "Due diligence". Is that when you "never believed the tools" that shrieked that Cook needs to go in order for the stock to recover? Isn't that what you were shrieking an preaching, day in and day out? And now you're too much of a coward to admit and acknowledge that, pretending like it never happened? What a joke you are. Your lack of self-awareness is stunning.
    Apple is still BY FAR my biggest holding. Obviously I believe in the company.

    Its true I criticized Tim Cook last year. But it was with good reason. He clearly stated that China sales would continue to grow in 2016. It did not. That rocked the market. My opinion changed on Cook when:

    1. He put huge emphasis on services. And finally giving shareholders a long-term target for growth = services will DOUBLE in 4 years
    2. Airpods. Proof that Apple is still the BOSS in innovation
    3. Closing deals in India
    4. Leaks of a revolutionary iPhone 8 with smaller bezel and OLED

    Those 4 points only happened in the last 3 months. 

    My opinion on Cook changed because he EXECUTED and made wonderful strategic moves.  If you look at my post history you will see I praised Cook in 2014-2015. 

    My opinion on Cook as a CEO will change in the future based on what he does. But I guess you are such a fanboy that you will always support him 100% no matter what?