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  • Apple 'finalizing' design of Amazon Echo rival based on Siri

    I'm in for about 4 of these. 

    Id probably replace my two Google Home. What I need is 

    1 good sound
    2, Siri 2nd Generation 
    3. HomeKit 
    5.Synchonous audio

    The rest will take care of itself 
    This lists sounds good.   Needs to be as good as Sonos in the audio quality.   Apple needs to go for much higher quality than Amazon ( I expect the price to be 500 or more).   Wanting this but not holding my breadth.
  • A very false narrative: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple's iPhone

    saltyzip said:

    Google, LG, Motorola, Huawei all make great phones and most eclipse iPhone on the camera too. Look at the verge website for their latest camera shootout and you'll see iPhone doesn't even make the podium.

    I think the iPhone camera fell behind in quality when they when from the iPhone6 to iPhone 6S.    The rear sensor stayed the same size but the number of Pixels increased to 12 MegaPixels from 8.    Because of the the pixel size decreased 1.22 μm from 1.5 μm.   I think a lot of the android phones like S8 and Pixel have bigger photo sites and thus are often rated better.    But even the Verge article noted that the dual came on the iPhone 7Plus can shoot a lot of photos that the Pixel and S8 can't.   When you consider the price of the iPhone 7 Plus ($770) to the iPixelXL ($750) and S8 ($750)seems like the iPhone 7Plus is the one to buy.   But Apple could still greatly improve their camera by bumping the sensor size.
  • A very false narrative: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple's iPhone

    Was there a positive S8 review or article some where else to motivate DED 's article.

  • Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 to feature dual camera array ala iPhone 7 Plus

    sflocal said:
    Samsung's software engineers couldn't code their way out of a "Hello Program".  Whatever hardware they come up with, it still has to be coded and from what prior articles have been published about Samsung's horrible software coding, it WILL suck bad.

    It's a shame that these "industry experts" never call out Samsung's dismal quality of just about everything.
    Better very late and working than early and incomplete... if the have actually learned their lesson from the Note 7 fiasco.

    It may seem surreal but there are actual note fans who love the HUGE screen and stylus.   One girl I know took over 6 weeks to get a new phone after I told her the were exploding.

    Im a little shocked that they didn't go for 3 or 4 lenses on the camera unit... there is always next year.
  • J.D. Power: 2017 tablet buyers report "outstanding" satisfaction, ready to spend money on ...

    It really comes down to the use case for the purchase. The iPad in any form is not really a true "work" device. The lack of a mouse is really an issue here as well as the lack of floating windows for simple multi-tasking. In addition, several work related web apps that spawn multiple windows and rely on certain runtimes just don't work in Safari or even Chrome for iOS. At the same time, the Surface is not a tablet for leisure. The Windows Store is atrocious, the lack of entertaining games is immense and even simple news apps are usually broken. I would imagine someone looking for an ultra-portable Windows device that emphasizes the ability to do work would love the Surface. However, it is highly unlikely that someone who buys a Surface because they think it is a true media consumption tablet will be satisfied with it. The use cases are completely different and are not, pardon the pun, apples to apples comparison. 
    The Surface Pro 4 is a device that's very appealing as an ultraBook laptop 80% of the time and using it as a media consumption tablet  the remaining 20%.   The iPad Pro will be better for that, but until the iPP gains mouse support for anything like wordprocessing it's going to fall short.  If you aren't an artist why would you get an iPad Pro over the new iPad.  To paraphrase  "Apple's cheaper iPad are just as satisfying as iPad Pro at twice the price".

    But there definitely is a Class of tablet applications that the iPad can do that windows doesn't touch - those apps designed for very mobile users.