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  • Apple investigating accessory that turns iPhone, iPad into full-fledged touchscreen laptop...

    I always wondered about the logic of purchasing and then lugging around 2 separate computer systems that do essentially the same functions and the only real difference being screen size?
    ...   Carrying an Apple Watch and an IPhone -- that's ok and it's not what I'm talking about.

    But carrying an IPhone and an IPad and a MacBook are just totally, absolutely redundant. Almost a crazy kind of stupid.  They each are supporting:  systems board, batteries, memory and processors that are each capable of doing what the other formfactor is doing.   The only real difference is screen size and external keyboard & touchpad.  

    So, OK!  Let's Do This!  It's time to leave the 20th century!

    But, there is another, more important reason:  Apple is getting killed by the Chromebook.   Parents, schools and kids simply don't want to shell out $2,000 when $200 gives them what they need.   But, they all carry IPhones.   By plugging them into a light, thin, dumb terminal that supplies a large screen and professional quality keyboard you have everything you need at less than the cost of a Chromebook -- and Apple preserves its youth market.
    They should definitely do an iOS laptop.  
    500 million potential users who have iPhones but don't need the power of the MAC.  They would feed into services via the iOS App Store.

    Could easily do 9.7 inch in the polyCarbonate from the 5C for 299.

    Then also premium based on the iPadPro starting at 899.
  • Apple investigating accessory that turns iPhone, iPad into full-fledged touchscreen laptop...

    Apple should release an iOS based laptop.    An iPad on hinge with keyboard, trackpad and battery in the base.    Two models.    The first would be a 9.7 budget model made with polycarbonate body (using plastics from the 5C) in multiple colors for kids/education.    The second model would be a premium unit with 12.9 screen, trackpad, and keyboard with 360 degree hinge based on the iPad Pro including the Pencil support.    This should weigh 1.9 pounds so that it can be held like iPad.   iOS is the way to go with a laptop because there are over 500 million iOS Users who could use it easily.    iOS just need s better File system support, trackpad (cursor) or mouse support , support for directly connecting printers to the laptop.
  • AT&T, Verizon join firms pulling millions in ads from Google, YouTube over hate, terrorist...

    justme12 said:
    "… the offensive and extremist content that saturates YouTube." That would be liberals, the leftists and democrats - but Google supports that ideology 100%. So that content stays on Youtube. Google seems to support the vast amount of Muslim terrorism also - that content stays on Youtube too. Google has been in bed with the federal government for many years. Mostly democrats - but a lot republicans also. The Google corporate motto of "do no evil" has always been a sham. It's all they do. As long as it harms America.
    Didn't Google join Apple and attacked Trump plan to temporarily put a halt to the Terrorists from the 7 countries.   The tech companies will do anything to support the liberals letting illegal aliens and terrorists into the country in return for more H1B visas
    macseekertallest skil
  • Samsung reveals new 'Bixby' AI assistant to take on Apple's Siri

    fluffhead said:
    If the competition gets Apple to wake up and improve Siri then I am all for it. I had Siri disabled after trying to get it to work years ago when I got an iPhone 5. When I upgraded to a 6s when it launched I figured I would give it a try. Not long after that, I disabled again. 
    I've never met any in person who didn't think the same about Siri and do the same.
    Need to see how Alexa on my phone works though.   Love Alexa at home.

  • Apple's iPhone slipping in China because company won't adapt, says Oppo & Vivo founder

    rob53 said:
    I don't get it. The founder of two cheap Chinese phone brands lives in the US? Go figure.
    More importantly he keeps his money in Switzerland.