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  • Apple replaces iPad Air 2 with A9-equipped 9.7-inch iPad starting at $329

    macxpress said:
    I don't think price was the issue.
    Oh yes it was. The iPads- especially the "Pros" are grossly overpriced.
    There's not much reason to buy a iPad Pro if you are not an artist.   Apple should include mouse support for when you are using the keyboard.   And they should add Mult-user support.  Size amounts should be 64, 256, and 512GB.   That would be impressive along with faster charging using USB Type C to lightning.
  • How Google's lack of human curation spreads and monetizes fake news

    I thought it was Facebook that elected Trump (not Google).    I guess its ok when the left attacks the media (but not when Trump does).

    Yeah It's probably time to Close this thread down.   LOL.

  • Editorial: Uncertainties of a dysfunctional American government likely to hurt Apple's performance

    1.   The only one who criticizes the press as much as Trump is DED.

    2. Obama's stimulus act included $8 Billion for high speed Trains but nothing ever came of it.   Trump will definitely build his wall.

    3.   Apple is against Trumps immigration policies only because they wanted more H1b visas and Hillary was going to give them to the Tech industry to pay them off for their support.
  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    For over a year I had been wanting something like an echo to try out some smart appliances.    I had wanted Apple to come out with a Echo competitor a home Hub or expanded apple TV.

    Back in the summer DED did a similar article 
    Which lead me to wait thinking it would be shortly released this past fall.   Well I was wrong and in November finally got an Echo.   Its great.   I'm so impress with how Alexa can understand me from the other room even with a television on.  Love it.    So much nicer than picking up a phone.

    While many of DED's stories are very informative I don't see a need to attack these other products whenever one of the other ones receives favorable press.

    Siri may have been expanded to other platforms like the watch or Mac but I don't find it any more useful now than two years ago.    I don't know anyone who thinks its much more than a frustrating joke to use it.    It's your grandfather's Oldsmobile of AI.

    I think that Apple is really behind the times.    I would find the watch and AirPods much more compelling if Siri was better.   If Amazon does deliver another phone (yes the first fire phone was a joke) I will take a look at it and may switch because Amazon has a big Ecosystem themselves.

    Apple would be foolish to think that people are forever locked into their products even when they are the best now.

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  • Apple, Google, Uber vow not to take part in Muslim registry

    This database remains very unlikely to be created.

    But if it does then every loyal American reading this post should register for it. I certainly will.

    Muslim American are Americans and we need to defend our fellow Americans, through the dilution of an unconstitutional database if necessary.
    The Census is basically creating a database of everyone and is constitutional.   Shouldn't be a problem with this.

    This probably won't happen because it will probably be blocked by the Senate or liberal courts.
    Besides Trump already gave into public opinion in not investigating Hillary.

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