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  • Internal documents reveal first look at Apple's self-driving car platform

    I can see it being called Apple Drive and being activated by saying, "Engage." They could even do a Star Trek tie in.

    And wind up killing hundreds of fiancées as they phone their friends about their engagements…
    This will go down in history as Timmy's Folley.  

    Titan will be seen as a big failure for coming out so long after Tesla.   And a big waste of time and resources.
  • Patent applications show Apple has considered adding Touch Bar to Magic Keyboard

    Soli said:
    edac2 said:
    Soli said:
    I wonder what that will cost? I'm guessing that people will complain about the price.
    Who wouldn't? The latest non-backlit Magic Keyboard is $99 and it doesn't even have a numeric keypad. Add a TouchBar and I could easily see the price jump to $149.
    LOL I think you're very optimistic if you think it'll only be a $49 bump for a new keyboard with an OLED display, Touch ID, Apple Pay, the Secure Element and Secure Enclave for each, the Apple-deisnged T1-chip, increased wireless speed for that OLED display, a much larger battery for all that new HW, and all of it running OS X on the a keyboard.
    I would pay $250 if it was the wired keyboard with TouchId.  The bar is a gimmick.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 fires first salvo against Apple's 'iPhone 8' with 'Infinity' display, AR...

    My initial impression is this new Samsung phone is 2-3 years ahead of where the latest iPhone is. The features I like the most are when the device is able to recognize real world objects, and then offer the option to purchase those objects, when the phone can connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and 5 hours of use with a 5 minute charge.

    I have been anti-Samsung for years, but will switch to Samsung in 2018 if:

    1. The iPhone doesn't compete this Fall in looks, and the above noted features

    2. The iPhone doesn't physically connect to a "dummy" laptop, and then offer a similar experience to macOS (windows, file hierarchy, etc.)

    3. Samsung releases a device with their own OS. I refuse to use the Android OS where almost everything done on the phone is tracked by Google, and where OS updates are rare

    4. The Samsung phone doesn't explode on an airplane
    Samsung is going to stick with Android on their S8.  
    Enjoy your iPhone - you may be able to buy a OLED screen version for $1000 plus.
    IOS isn't getting a file system anytime  soon (unless they surprise us with the file system on the new iPADPRO).
    Samsung will be impressive if they can actually make Bixby Useful and in some ways better than SIRI.

    The real missing feature from the S8 is a dual Camera setup to compete with the 7plus, and 7Splus.    The camera performance is much more important than the headphones and because of that the S8 will not beat the 7Plus, 7Splus.   

    In my personal opinion the S8plus is too big.    But the Note 7 did come out with one feature that I wish Apple had.   The ability to free hand jot a note on the screen when it was locked and it would stay there.    Much faster than getting into an app to enter info

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 fires first salvo against Apple's 'iPhone 8' with 'Infinity' display, AR...

    sog35 said:
    these clowns at Samsung even copied the marketing name from Apple -- the "Plus". really? is that the only possible nomenclature for a larger size? pathetic.

    Another uninformed person who thinks only Apple manufactures phones and everyone else just copies "everything" including the naming of devices. Please read my earlier comment.

    So you think Samsung "copied" the plus naming convention from Apple??? Samsung is using Plus in naming their devices for many years already. Samsung SII plus was released in 2013 - just to give an example. There are MANY more Samsung phones with plus naming convention, much before iPhone 6 plus came in late 2014. In fact, Samsung releases so many phones with so many names every year, it is very difficult to come up with a new name which does not have any resemblance to any of the existing Samsung phones. You can accuse ANY OEM of copying name from Samsung phones blindly and it would not be far off from the truth. To claim that Samsung is copying name from Apple is - pure ignorance and lack of knowledge.

    Samsung never used PLUS on their flagships until after the iPhone 6 Plus.
    So you are pointing out that Apple is copying Samsung's second and third tier Naming.    Well that makes Apple look brilliant.
  • Apple replaces iPad Air 2 with A9-equipped 9.7-inch iPad starting at $329

    macxpress said:
    I don't think price was the issue.
    Oh yes it was. The iPads- especially the "Pros" are grossly overpriced.
    There's not much reason to buy a iPad Pro if you are not an artist.   Apple should include mouse support for when you are using the keyboard.   And they should add Mult-user support.  Size amounts should be 64, 256, and 512GB.   That would be impressive along with faster charging using USB Type C to lightning.