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  • Swift-based ransomware targets macOS pirates with false decryption promise

    lkrupp said:

    The FUD will fly telling users their Mac are vulnerable.
    Well, yeah. I'd HOPE the tech press would pick up stories about threats. It's not FUD if the vulnerability is genuine.

    In this particular case I don't have to worry because I don't use cracks, but the next iteration might masquerade as something I *do* use so I'd like to be kept up to date.
  • Matte black iPhone 7 owners complain to Apple about chipping paint finish

    sog35 said:
    qwwera said:
    My 7 plus is like new. But that's because I'm not an idiot and not put a case on $900. product that I plan to man-handle constantly every day for two years.
    I've had my 6+ caseless for almost 2 and half years. Never dropped it. 
    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that! Apparently you don't have the opportunity to enjoy the myriad life experiences that so many of us take for granted. Obviously you'll never drop your phone f you never take it out of your pocket, but you miss out on so much -- like using the phone! :)

    To all the victims of shell-shaming I say, ignore those who deride you for the blemishes, scrapes, dents and scratches on your iPhone. Hold your phone up proudly and celebrate the proof that you actually use and enjoy it! Embrace the knowledge that you pay more attention to the people and events around you than to making sure your phone is protected as you blindly elbow those around you on the train!

    But all kidding aside, I'm a little envious of people who are able to devote any mental and emotional energy whatsoever to the cosmetic condition of their devices. I tend to become obsessive about stuff like that, so rather than suffer anxiety about it I just try not to give a crap about how it looks as long as its working correctly. Just trying to achieve "working correctly" takes up so much of my time and attention that I just don't have the energy to deal with "looks pretty."
  • References to possible 2017 MacBook Pro with Intel Kaby Lake CPUs found in macOS Sierra be...

    Soli said:
    Soli said:
    The sooner the better, for me, as I'm skipping this first release of this brilliant new design with all its included benefits.
    How come? I thought you ordered one?
    I did, and then ended up making a change to my order which pushed it back much further than I wanted to wait. It got to a point where I'lll just wait for the Kaby lake release with a likely lower price point, and other advanced features.

    * Note: I don't fault Apple for putting me at the back of the queue when I changed my order. That's on me.>
    I'll be interested in what changes besides CPU may come to the next version. I'm hoping it's not much because if it's significant I'll want to get the new one, and selling this one is gonna be a hassle because I bought all the BTO upgrades and not many buyers are gonna wanna pay what a machine like this costs!
  • Apple, ad agency sued over voice sample used in iPhone 6 TV commercial

    maestro64 said:
     This is not the first time the Jamie xx song caused legal issues. Allegations about misusage also surfaced at the time of the album's release, suggesting the artist hadn't licensed the samples, but it later turned out record label Universal had indeed cleared its use. Jimmy Hayes, another Persuasions member, claimed he was "told about it but forgot."

    This is what the case is all about, some guy who probably took too many drugs back in the 70's who brain is fried and can not remember what he was too. The next best reason is the point others pointed out, this guy is just trying to drum up some free media time to get his name out on the market to sell some of his music.

    Or he just doesn't want the holder of the world's largest bank account using his stuff without paying him. The law says he's entitled to get paid. The agency only made him an offer six months AFTER the ad started running, and the offered the minimum. If I were him, I too would probably be inclined to push for a better deal. Perhaps, as @baconstang ;suggested, a lawsuit like this is what it takes to force good-faith negotiations.
  • Apple, ad agency sued over voice sample used in iPhone 6 TV commercial

    [...] probably wouldn't have cost more than $50 and a Colt 45 or MD20/20.
    Way, way, WAAAY out of line. Seriously, what's WRONG with you?! What would possess you to think a comment like that is anywhere near acceptable?

    You should be really, really ashamed and embarrassed.