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  • Apple responds to hacker claims, says systems not breached

    (Everyone's thinking it)

    I can imagine the emails...
    "or just give us iTunes gift cards bro"

    Dan Andersenwatto_cobra
  • Apple avoids (Product)Red branding in China for new red iPhone 7 models [u]

    I wish media outlets would wait a little longer to discover the real reason, rather than rely on speculation like this. It has nothing to do with China's conservative culture and views on AIDS. There are plenty of AIDS-related charities in China as well, and Apple had Product Red iPods in mainland China years ago as well. The real reason is, on January 1, 2017, it became illegal for non-profit NGOs to engage in or fund for-profit activities. So, for-profit corporations, like Apple, can no longer release products co-branded by a non-profit.
    Thank you for that superb post. This forum is increasingly inhabited and ruled by moronic, ill-informed yahoos who are not only utterly ignorant of things outside their 20-mile radius of existence, but wear that moronicity on their sleeves. 

    If it all sounds familiar... well...

    I have, fwiw, pretty much stopped posting here. 
    I've found the most informed and mature people here.

    You should try other website forums where facts and research are ignored by posters and if you place Apple in a positive light some troll will reply with an irrelevant meme and get more likes than you.

    Or try YouTube comments which are filled with 12 year old android morons making up facts on the spot.
  • Apple launches special edition (Product)Red iPhone 7

    sog35 said:
    Hmm...another iPhone where Apple was able to color match the antenna lines. So is not matching them with the gold and rose gold models just an aesthetic decision on Apple's part? Also why do the color versions only get white front? Does Apple think only women buy the colored models?
    why does White = women?

    Beat me to it. 

    markbyrn said:
    So this is the big refresh; a red iPhone - yay!  Me thinks Mr. Cook need to start paying more attention to business rather than promoting his personal politics.

    The big refresh comes in September dumb *ss. 
    Apple has been fighting AIDS since pre-CEO Cook. 
  • China's LeEco backs out of Silicon Valley HQ less than a year after being hailed as "takin...

    Words can't describe how ANGRY it makes me that a talentless Steve Jobs wannabe and his company can make an iKnockoff and claim they will be a threat in the tech world while American media praises these frauds. 
    repressthisbrakkenDan Andersenwatto_cobraration al
  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' to use 'water drop design' with curved, 3D glass back - report

    sog35 said:
    Those iphone 1 bezels...........Bezels for miles baby

    I'm so looking forward to the iPhoneX release this year. I remember just 12 months ago people said what I was wishing for was a dream fantasy.

    That a new iPhone would come out?

    who would refute that?