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  • Apple hires former head of Amazon's Fire TV unit to lead Apple TV operations

    macxpress said:
    It still boggles my mind why they don't have an AppleTV that supports 4K! 4K TV's were one of the most popular gifts this past holiday season and yet they have an AppleTV that only supports 1080p. Maybe there's little to no content for 4K yet, but if it doesn't at least support it, I see people turning away from this or buying it only to realize its not 4K and returning it for something else that does. 

    I would think something like the A10X would support 4K resolutions at 60fps. 

    This product has the potential to do so much more and yet it just seems to sit there stagnate. This really could be one of the bigger things Apple does if they put some time and effort into it. It shouldn't be a "hobby" anymore for them. 

    Problem is it shipped with an outdated A8 chip.

    No, the ATV is not mediocre. As a platform it's great. the apps are solid. Plex is killer. TV app with single sign on is for sure the future of watching TV, I'd never use a cable box again. The remote has room for improvement, but swipe-scrubbing is way better than button cycling. The instant-thumbnails during scrubbing is a first. Siri controls such as "what did he say?" for instant rewind + temporary closed captions is a killer feature, and Siri searches for content and apps is great. And using my AirPods at night is nice. 

    So no, nothing mediocre about it. 

    It's great for streaming content especially if you don't own a smart TV. 

    But I don't understand why they added gaming if it's barely capable of running 2006 Wii quality games at a decent frame rate. 

    Don't underestimate the console market. A lot of people only have a console and have zero interest in an additional streaming device. 
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook sells another $3.6M in company stock

    dix99 said:
    Oh oh, jony's told him a retirement date & he's getting out before it's announced & the stock tanks
    Apple is doomed?
  • Better incarnation of Siri may appear alongside Apple's 2017 iPhones - report

    "Apple's Siri isn't useful"
    -the competition in 2011

    Apparently VocalIQ is capable of understanding complex phrases like "Find a nearby Chinese restaurant with open parking and Wi-Fi that’s kid-friendly".

    in speech tests Alexa and Goog understood phrases %20 of the time where VocalIQ nailed it %90 of the time.

    That's only one component from Apple's recent Siri-related acquisitions. Now imagine that tech combined with Siri and the others?

    I've also noticed hanging out with Apple lately. He created an assistant named Aneeda which was more advanced than Siri and has the capability to download "skills". Let's hope Apple hires him and his tech.
    ration alwatto_cobrapalomine
  • Report claims Apple Music pays more to record labels in royalties per stream than Spotify

    Something is obviously wrong. What a mess.

    Youtube isn't helping at all. Almost all teens stream free and though illegal uploads. 
  • With Apple's 'iPhone 8' rumored to ditch home button, 'Galaxy S8' leak suggests Samsung fo...

    linkman said:
    Wow, this is not surprising -- Samsung copying Apple on a cell phone innovation. The predictable timeline: Samsung makes billions from it, Apple sues, Apple wins, the lawsuit gets appealed and the award decreased, Apple walks away with pennies, Samsung laughs.
    What are you suggesting Samsung is copying from Apple?  Apple hasn't announced or released anything yet.  If anything, Samsung is copying rumors about a design some tech bloggers dreamed up and hope Apple will create.

    AI throws juicy scraps out there and you guys eat it up like rabid dogs.
    These companies do copy rumors and it's pathetic.

    they rush a rumor to market and stumble all over themselves. Apple brings a polished product THAT WORKS, idiot fandroids claim "Apple copied the knockoff!!"

    hostory repeats.